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Egypt is a historical tourist destination that should be on everyone's bucket list. A foreign traveller visiting Egypt must obtain a visa to legally enjoy their tour without any obstructions.

If you're planning a trip to Egypt and don't have enough time to apply for a visa, don't fret.

The online application of visas to Egypt had made it easier for Egypt to draw millions of tourists.

Egypt tourists now can easily sit at their comfort of home and apply for a visa without feeling the need to visit the embassy.

Here's everything you need to know about applying online visa to Egypt.

What is Egypt E VISA

An electronic visa enables tourists to apply for the visa online without visiting the Egyptian embassy.

Applicants obtain their visas online after submitting the necessary documents and payment.

However you don't need to fuss over the visa application or process, you can simply contact Touristvisaonline, and we will manage the rest o

Requirements of e visa

To apply for e visa you will need

  • Valid passport with at least 6 months of validity
  • Proof of stay
  • Passport size photograph
  • Invitation letter(if available)
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Visa application form

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How do I apply for an Egypt visa online?

To apply for a visa online you need to download the application form and fill in the details accurately. After filling in your personal and travel details you need to pay for the e visa online using your credit or debit card. Make sure you fill your application before 7 days of your departure.

After you are done with payment you will receive an email that will let you know about your application status.

Once approved, the visa will automatically link to your passport and you are required to print the visa to get it approved at the airport by officials.

Duration of Egypt e-visa

Your Egypt e visa is valid for 90 days and the maximum length of stay is 30 days.

Do you need an Egypt e-visa?

A citizen of foreign nationality who wishes to travel to Egypt is required to possess an e visa. This will help you with your business trip or meeting up with friends and family.

Can I Extend my e visa?

Yes, you can pay a fee to extend your e visa however, it will only be extended for a maximum of three months.

What happens if I Overstay?

Overstaying your visa will cost you a fine as you will be breaking immigration policies.

If your visa has expired and you wish to extend it, you should get in touch with the authorities as soon as possible.

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Is your country eligible for an E visa?

The following list of countries are eligible for e visa of Egypt:

  • Albania Argentina Armenia Australia
  • Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Belarus
  • Belgium Bolivia Brazil Bulgaria
  • Canada Chile China Colombia
  • Croatia Cyprus Czech Denmark
  • Ecuador Estonia Finland France
  • Georgia Germany Greece Hong Kong
  • Hungary Iceland India Ireland
  • Italy Japan Korea (South) Kuwait
  • Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia
  • Malaysia Malta Mexico Moldova
  • Monaco Montenegro Netherlands New Zealand
  • Norway Oman Paraguay Peru
  • Poland Portugal Qatar
  • Romania Russian Federation
  • San Marino Saudi Arabia Serbia
  • Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Spain
  • Sweden Switzerland
  • Taiwan Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales)
  • United States of America
  • Uruguay
  • Vatican Venezuela

Apply Egypt Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Visa on arrival is a single entry visa that is available to 41 countries, some of which are Australia, Japan, Poland, Serbia, Portugal, South Korea, Ireland, South Korea, Russia and Spain.

Ful was Ta'meyan original fast food of Egypt that one must not miss when in Egypt.

The visa on arrival cost $50.

Yes, Egypt govt. is issuing visas now.

Yes, all travellers must carry their negative PCR test certificate for covid 19, taken before 72 hours of their flight departure.

Bacterial diarrhoea, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, and schistosomiasis are the four most frequent infections in Egypt.

  • Don't display affection publically with your partner.
  • Neither consume nor sell drugs
  • Avoid drinking liquor at unlicensed places.
  • Don't criticize Islam
  • Do not take part in any protest.
  • Do not criticize the Egyptian government.
  • Do not encourage conversion to a religion other than Islam

Even though Arabic is the official language, English is widely spoken in Egypt. Even the road signs are both in English and Arabic.

In most Arab countries weekends fall on Fridays and Saturdays. Egypt is no exception, this means tourist attractions are crowded these days. Avoid visiting pyramids, museums and Cario tower these days.

Yes, an unmarried couple can share a room as long as they have western passports. However, you must refrain from public display of affection as Egypt is a conservative society.

It is not advised to brush your teeth using tap water, as tap water in Egypt is not properly filtered. So buy yourself a water bottle and then use it for brushing.

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