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Before imaging about tours and visits to Egypt, a person must know about how to get Egyptian Visa and how to apply it and the documents that are required for applying a visa for visiting Egypt. Tourist Visa Online is always there to help. The most ancient pyramids at Giza are the most spellbound wonders and they look more mesmerizing in reality than what we have seen in pictures. This needs a visit to Egypt.

Documents required to apply for an Egyptian Visa

The most required documents are for applying for an Egyptian Visa :

  • The passport that will be checked at the Egypt border by the officials and that passport should have a specified validity.
  • The flight tickets or an Identity Card or other documents are required to show. These required documents should have specified validity.

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Three ways to get and apply for an Egyptian Visa

There are three ways in which you can apply for an Egypt visa:

Getting an Egyptian Visa Via an Embassy

There are a lot of pros in this but as we know when there are pros, there are cons as well of taking a visa from the embassy:


  • We can get authentic visa for sure and there’s no faking in it or there’s no doubt in it. The embassy works following the orders of the government.

Getting an Egypt Visa via Visa On Arrival Method:

This method is actually very easy and feasible but the problem is not every countries can gain access to this method. This makes a harder process.


  • There is no waste of time and while applying online, it makes a fast process. This can help to achieve an easier process and also helps the person to decide on the type of visa he or she may choose.
  • The visa will arrive at the same day and the person don’t have to even wait for days for the visa.

Getting an Egypt visa via an Online Method: 

This is actually not a promotion but it really helps. Tourist Visa Online is one of them to help out. There are many pros and with respect to the pros, cons are negligible.


  • Every detail can be filled online and there’s no question of paperwork.
  • There is actually no need of getting visa verified with money. Money isn’t needed at all only at the time of applying for the online e-visa.
  • The person don’t need to cross check as the experts there will verify everything before issuing the visa.
  • The visa will he authorized by the government and his people and so there’s no chance of faking or doubting about the process of the visa. The travel agencies are affiliated to the government.
  • The person who applied will receive a mail at every step of the process.
  • The person can check the status of the visa online itself.
  • For this, the most advantageous fact is that one doesn’t need to get out of the house.
  • What should be the foreign Travellers be aware about before applying for an Egyptian Visa?
  • Travellers before they travel to Egypt or do any further planning may know about the following details :
  • The legal validity of the visa for staying in Egypt.
  • There are many other options for extending the Visa validity.

There are many cons of Overstaying in Egypt that is even if the Validity had expired.

How long can anyone stay in Egypt with a legal visa?

Tourist visa online holders are offered that opportunity to expand their license that will be emerged as soon as any need arises. Truth to be told, this extension of Visa can be accomplished in 2 diverse manners. Visa Validity is for 90 days and stay validity is for 30 days. If this period gets over, then renewal is needed. No visas give validity for 1 year.

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Apply for Egypt Visa Renewal From abroad

Foreign tourists whose eVisa is lapsing can leave Egypt. They can apply for another one and return that whenever it's conceded. As it is always said, the eVisa is the speediest process to apply for that visa and passage consent to get for the country.Most eVisas are endorsed inside a little while, despite the fact that candidates ought to permit as long as 7 days.

Documents needed to get an eVisa of Egypt Extended

There is a short list of required documents :

  • There is a need of a substantial valid, qualified identification passport.
  • The foreign individual should carry the e-visa of Egypt with him or her who had entered the country.
  • The extension requires money. There is much expenses to extend the stay.
  • The address of Egyptian location where that particular foreign individual has been staying.
  • The most important thing is the passport sized photograph of the foreign individual.
  • The extension visa will be allowed for 3 further months (provided that there are no different alternatives accessible).

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