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Now getting to see a pyramid is just a click away! That does sound very unreal, doesn’t it! Well, to make it a reality, Apply Egypt visa for US Citizens at Tourist visa online. Tourist visa online has always been working towards it! And it is now possible to get an Egypt visa for United States passport holder with just a single click. This one-click will let you travel to Egypt and get discovering all the mummies and pyramids you have always been curious about. This Egypt visa will however have to be applied by you. Al that Tourist visa online can do is help it make seem a smoother process overall. So we are here to guide you at all the steps that you find really hard. So here is a list of information that you’d want to know about before you start your travel. 


Q. Why is it recommended that a citizen of the United States must apply for a visa through an online method?

This question has always been in a lot of minds. Well, here’s the answer! A visa application can be quite a difficult process especially when you need to arrange some important documents that you have no idea about. Well, one thing that helps you when you apply through an online method is that not only do you require some of the documents but also you need not have a very hard time going to places to just check about the visa. The application that you do through an online method is also one of the most affordable, reliable, and fastest methods. This is why a citizen from the United States have been asked to apply for a visa through an online method. 

Q. Can travel be made to Egypt even without a passport by a United States citizen?

No, travel without a passport will not be tolerated nor will it be allowed. This will have some serious punishments being taken. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that applying for a visa itself will need a passport. This passport must belong to the citizen of the United States and must also be valid in order to be used. This validity will have a range of six months and above. Without this being fulfilled getting a visa will also become difficult. So if you do not have a passport its is better to apply for one and then think about traveling to a foreign country be it Egypt or any other foreign country. 

Q. Will the visa that I get from Tourist visa online be the same as the visa that I apply for through an embassy?

A visa will be the same no matter where you take it from. This visa that you take from tourist visa online will have a tag of an electronic visa that will let the immigration officers know that this visa has been applied for through a private agency rather than an embassy. This, however, won’t affect your visa because at the end of the day this visa you get through tourist visa online or through an embassy will be a verified one with all of the authenticity still being maintained. 

Q. What documents are required by a citizen of the United States in order to be eligible for the application of an Egypt visa?

The following documents must be made available in order for your visa application to be successful:

  • A valid passport that belongs to one of the United States citizens
  • Valid means to pay the fees for visa
  • An email address to acquire details about the Egypt visa that is applied for

Q. Can a citizen of the United States apply for a work visa through Tourist visa online?

No, you cannot apply for a work visa through Tourist visa online as we do not provide services for it, however, you can get a 30 days’ worth of valid visa. This visa will let you stay in Egypt for about 30 days after entry. This visa is a tourist visa, this means that you can gain entry with this visa and then apply for a work visa after you have settled in Egypt. 

Q. Does Tourist visa online has any affiliations with the embassy of Egypt situated in the United States?

No there is no affiliation of Tourist visa online with the embassy that is located in the United States. However, Tourist visa online has direct affiliations with the Ministry of Home Affairs who is in charge of the visa supply. 

Hence you can stay assured and apply for an Egypt visa for US passport holder through Tourist visa online!

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