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Egypt is one of the most influential and oldest civilizations in the world. The country is a treasure-filled with amazing places, deserts, pyramids, culture, as well as tradition. Along with the pyramids of Giza, the temple of Abu Simbel, the country also has the red sea which is a treat to the eye.

If you visit this country, you may want to stay a bit more by extending your visa. Hence, we are here to talk about how to extend Egypt visa, so that you get an idea about the same, and don’t panic when a situation like this arrives. 


You can go for Egypt visa extension while being in the country, but the process will take place online. There is no option to renew your visa through the online method while staying in the country. Hence, you will have to face the long queues and spend a lot of your time.. Since, this process is a bit time taking, people generally prefer to leave the country for some days and again return back after getting the extension online.

These applications are submitted to the Egyptian nationality, passport, immigration, and administration office that is located in Cairo, the capital city. The documents required for this process are:

  •         Your passport.
  •         The e visa through which you had entered the country.
  •         You also have to pay the extension fee. It should be paid in cash at the counter.
  •         The address of your current place of accommodation.
  •         Passport size photographs.

You will have to visit the office during two appointments, meaning, two days. On the first day you will fill the application form, attach the necessary documents, make your signature, submit your fingerprints, etc. You will also pay the first half of the application fee on that day.

On the second day again you have to visit to pay the second half of the application fee. After that you will receive the visa extension.

After receiving the extended visa, you will be allowed to stay for a period of 3 more months. This is called the foreign residence card and also acts as a plastic ID card.

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If you know that your visa is going to expire and you do not want to overstay, you can easily go to some other country and then apply for an e visa from there. This way you will not have to spend time standing in long queues and harass yourself. People prefer this option over the one mentioned above. You can return back to Egypt once you receive your visa again.

This is made possible because there is no limit on the number of times a foreigner can apply for a visa. It is granted if he/she meets the minimum requirements fully.

If you overstay, you will have to pay the penalty for overstaying visa in Egypt. You may have heard that the visa penalty fees are not much, but that is not true. Recent changes have been made, which has made the rule even stricter.

If you have overstayed, and are in no mood for an extension, you will have to pay the fine amount when you depart at the airport. For this, you should leave with enough time on your hands, because the procedure is lengthy and you will not want to miss your flight.


The visa policy of the country is not that tough. Hence, getting a visa is also easier. As of now, there are a total of 10 countries that can travel for up to 3 months without a visa. They are the GCC nations, Hong Kong, Israel, Lebanon, Macao, and Malaysia. Along with them the citizens of the following countries also enjoy the visa free policy, but only under certain conditions.











South Sudan


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Also, if you are traveling along with 5 other tourists in your group, you will not require a visa if you belong to any of the following countries:

  •         Barbados
  •         Azerbaijan
  •         China
  •         Belize
  •         El Salvador
  •         Costa Rica
  •         Guatemala
  •         India
  •         Honduras
  •         Lebanon
  •         Kazakhstan
  •         Jordan
  •         Moldova (except for females between the age of 15-35)
  •         Nicaragua
  •         Saint Vincent and grenadines
  •         Turkey 

The only condition for this to happen is that you should come with the complete travel itinerary from the travel agency, confirmed hotel bookings as well as flight return tickets too.

According to the policy, the Egypt visa on arrival is available to the following countries:

European Union




New Zealand



South Korea



North Macedonia


United Kingdom

United States


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These citizens can travel into the country and avail the visa on arrival Egypt facility. Along with this:

  •         Turkish citizens can also avail this facility if they are above the age of 45 or below the age of 18. They also need to carry the residence permit from any of the EU countries, Canada, Australia, or USA.
  •         The same applies to the citizens of Sudan too.

There are some countries whose citizens need to seek approval prior their visit to the country. They include:

  •         Kazakhstan
  •         Iran
  •         Iraq
  •         Lebanon
  •         Kosovo
  •         Somalia
  •         Mauritania
  •         Syria
  •         Yemen
  •         Sri Lanka

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Q. Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

There are four levels of travel warnings. Level 1 means that the country is safe to go, and level 4 strictly means do not travel. The country stands at level 2. This means that there are certain areas in the country that need to have certain precautions. You need to be extra cautious while visiting those places. The areas flagged as dangerous are:

  •         The Sinai Peninsula solely because of terrorism.
  •         The western desert.
  •         The border areas due to the military control.

You can reduce the risks in the country by following these:

  •         Always stay alert in the areas frequently visited by the westerners.
  •         Avoid crowded places.
  •         You should obtain complete medical insurance.
  •         Review the safety and crime report of the places that you are going to visit.

Q. How much is the fine for overstaying fine in Egypt?

If you overstay for a short period of time, luckily you do not have any fine. But if you exceed 30 days you will have to pay EGP 1500 which is equal to $100. 

Visiting the country would be a total pleasure for you and your family. There are a bunch of activities that you can freely enjoy with your loved ones. That was all about How to extend Egypt visa. We hope that we cleared all your doubts regarding the same.

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