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If you are planning a trip to this beautiful mysterious country, you need to acquire a visa for Egypt. And, for that purpose you need to know the types of Egypt visa. Read this article till the end to find out more information about the same.

When we think about Egypt, we think about its rich history, culture, and of course the pyramids! The country is affordable as well as a famous tourist destination. The country has experienced an increase in tourism during the recent years. The country lies in the northeast region of Africa. The country has experienced many regimes throughout the passage of history. 


There are basically three types of visas for the country:


This visa is granted to the people who want to visit the country for tourism purposes. The people acquiring this visa must leave the country once their stay validity is over. However, if they want to stay for more than the time mentioned in their visa, they would have to extend it.

Further, there are two types of tourist visa:

  1. 30 days single entry: this is valid for a period of 90 days. But, the stay validity is for only 30 days. This means that you can stay in the country for a maximum period of 30 days. If you overstay, you will have to face the consequences.
  2. 30 days multiple entry: this is valid for a period of 90 days and the stay validity is for 30 days. The only difference is that, this is a multiple entry visa. This means that by acquiring this you can travel in and out of the country for multiple times within the period of 30 days.

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This is granted to the people who want to visit the country for official or business matters. Certain documents confirming from the applicant’s hiring company are needed as a proof. Those documents are needed to be sent directly to the consulate, according to the Egypt visa policy.


This is basically required by the traveling passengers when they have a layover in the airport. A layover is the time period that you spend in the airport waiting to board on to the second flight to reach your destination. In simpler terms, this is needed when you travel to your destination via some other country. In order to spend a considerable amount of time, and if you want to get out of the terminal and explore the country, you will need a transit visa. 


There are certain documents that you should keep handy while filling out the Egypt visa application form online. They are mentioned below:


These are the Egypt visa requirements that you need to possess if you want a tourist visa and are wondering about how to apply for Egypt visa:

  • Passport: This is the most important document that is needed while traveling to every foreign country. It is granted by the government of one’s home country and contains the identification of the holder. The passport must be submitted in good condition and should not expire within 6 months from the date of travel. It should also contain two blank pages.
  • Photographs: You need to provide your photographs that should positively comply with the passport sized photograph rules. It should be clicked on a white background, and the frame must contain 80% of your face. The applicant’s face should be clearly visible, and he/she must not be wearing any glasses. The photograph should also be recently clicked.
  • Confirmed round air tickets: This is asked as a proof that you will return back to your home country once you have finished your validity in the country.
  • Bank statement: This is needed to be submitted as proof of funds. This is basically needed to prove to the authorities that you have sufficient amount of money in your bank account to support you financially when you stay in a foreign country. The bank statement must be provided for at least the past three months.
  • Cover letter: The letter should contain the reason why you want to travel to the country and for what real reasons. It should be intriguing.
  • Hotel bookings: Complete hotel booking details are to be provided in order to avail a visa. This is provided as a proof of accommodation as well as the purpose of visit to the country.
  • Travel itinerary: your complete travel plans are to be submitted. It must contain your plans and program while you stay in the country.

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Before you travel to a foreign country, you must know the details and when is the best time to visit, so you can fill the visa application accordingly. We have provided a detailed description of the seasons and the time that you would best enjoy the country:

  • SPRING: The spring season starts from March 20 - June 20 approximately. This is the best time with moderate temperature. The country also faces Khamsin wind during that season due to which you may find sand and dust in the air. The tourists will have to keep themselves safe from that. A festival is also held during that season that is known as Sham Ennessim. It is also a holiday and you would enjoy this time the most.
  • SUMMER: The weather is hot especially in Upper Egypt between June to September. You can enjoy the beaches in the country and enjoy the sightseeing. You can also indulge in some adventure by trying the quad bike safari.
  • AUTUMN: This is also a nice season in the country that you can visit between September to December. One plus point about this season is the prices also goes down, hence, it would help if you are a little budget constraint. You can board a cruise through the Nile River and enjoy with your loved ones during this time.
  • WINTER: This is when the country is most crowded. The Coptic Christmas is celebrated during January and you should not miss the sight of it. If you are someone who likes to visit a country during off season, then you should avoid the winters to visit this country.

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Q. How much does the visa cost?

The Egypt visa online cost for the 30 days single entry visa is $50, and that for the multiple entry is $85.

Q. After getting my visa, how much longer will I be able to stay in the country?

The visa that you will get is valid for a period of 90 days. The stay validity is however, for only 30 days. Hence, after availing the same, you can stay for a maximum period of 30 days, and should not exceed your stay.

Q. What if I stay for more than 30 days?

If you exceed your stay validity, you may be fined heavily. However, you can also extend your visa by applying at the immigration department.

There are several spots in the country that you will enjoy exploring with your family and friends. And now that you got an idea about the types of Egypt visa, you can easily apply for that on Tourist visa online.

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