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A question always does linger and that is how to get Egypt visa? This question is one of the important ones to be answered without which a person would land in trouble. Especially with a lot of fraud companies out there to catch you and take out all your money, you might as well get your facts cleared out as to where and how you will be applying for a visa from! While applying for a visa can be really easy the documents part of the visa is what confuses the people a lot and this confusion without a doubt should be solved as well! Once you go through the entire article, you will find the answer to your questions no matter what type it is!

Let’s first take a look at the requirements which will be playing an important role in getting to the answer to your question!

  • A passport which will be checked at the Egypt border and will have a specified validity.
  • Other documents such as a flight ticket or an address proof or your identity card. These should also have specified validity.

With these basic requirements, you can apply for a visa, however, you might have to get to know the deeper details of the documents for which you will have to take a look at the requirements for Egypt visa!

Now that you have got an idea about the requirement you will now have to know what are the ways through which you can get a visa! There are three ways in which you can apply for a visa and we will discuss about it in detail!

1. Getting an Egypt visa through an embassy:

While there are a lot of pros about this method, there are cons that also need not be noted by the people who apply. So let’s see the pros and cons of taking a visa from the embassy:

Pros of taking a visa from the embassy:

  • You can get an authentic visa for sure and there’s no doubt in it, as the embassy work with the government.

Cons of taking a visa from the embassy:

  • Takes a lot of time to be processed, about a week or so.
  • It needs a lot of money to be submitted not only at the embassy but even after you arrive in Egypt.
  • No checking of the details that have been printed and given to you.
  • Can’t track the status of the visa through any method.
  • Will only get a hard copy which if lost, will need you to take a new one.
  • Will have to wait for a long line to get the documents submitted and might also have to submit extra documents that you have no idea of!

2. Getting an Egypt visa through visa on arrival method:

These types might actually be feasible for a lot of people but the thing is only some countries can actually gain access to it. This makes this process even harder to obtain. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Pros of getting an Egypt visa on arrival:

  • One thing that all of you might agree is that there no need to waste time, waiting to apply through an online and then go after a week. This means you can easily go and then decide which visa you need.
  • Well, yes, you will definitely get it the same day. Now that’s one good point that you need not wait for days.

Cons of getting an Egypt visa on arrival:

  • While time is what people think is the plus point, sorry to disappoint you, it actually is the con of this method. Here you have to wait in line for about 4 to 5 hours to just get a visa issued and that too waiting at the airport itself.
  • Nextly, you will probably have to pay a lot more money than you pay online or even through the embassy! This means twice the money and twice the efforts made.
  • No additional checking is done while issuing the visa to you!

3. Getting an Egypt visa through an online method:

Well, not because this is a promotion or anything. Honestly, this will be the best method you will come across. When you take a look at the pros and cons you will be able to understand it!

Pros of getting a visa through the online method:

  • No paperwork which means everything can be filled in only through the online method.
  • No need of spending extra money after you reach for getting the visa verified
  • No need to cross-check as the panel of experts will do it for you before you get the visa.
  • Will definitely be authorized as the travel agencies are also affiliated to the government.
  • Will get in about 4 to 5 days without much waiting.
  • You will also get a mail about the confirmation of the visa
  • Getting a mail at every step of the application process
  • Can check the status online.
  • The main point is that you do not need to get out of your house to get all of this done!

Cons of getting a visa through the online method:

  • While waiting for the visa takes some days to get it, but you can get it by mail for sure.
  • Another point is that without an electrical device or an internet connection you cannot do the online application.

Judging from the above-stated pro and cons you can decide which means is suitable for you and hence how to get Egypt visa is a problem you can simply solve!

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