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As soon as you book for a ticket to Egypt, the first question that crosses a lot of peoples’ minds is do I need a visa for Egypt? And that is a genuine question, as a lot of people have no idea as to what even a visa is like. However, don’t you worry, we will take a look at the list of people who might want the visa and the other part where a visa is not that necessary.

So what is an Egypt visa?

An Egypt visa is a type of visa which allows you to enter Egypt. Holding this visa in your hand is somewhat like holding your identity card. This visa becomes an accessory in a foreign country where they identify you not based on your id card or your flight ticket but based on your visa. This is why taking a visa when you go to a foreign country becomes of utmost importance. 

Egypt, a place to discover?

Most of you all might know Egypt as a place where pharaohs used to live or a place where you can find pyramids. But these are the things that make Egypt special among most of the tourist destinations. You never know when a mummy comes behind you to attack you! This ancient history of Egypt will take you about 3000 years BC which will make you forget all the hustle and bustle of the recent lives. 

This is exactly one of the main reasons as to why a person might actually want to go to Egypt. Thankfully enough both the procedures and the processing of the visas are not that extreme and hence you can easily go past this visa obtaining process.

Countries whose nationals need an Egypt visa:

The visa can be taken either through an online method or the countries nationals might need an authorized visa from their countries. So the countries list will be given below which mentions which are the countries that can access the authorized visa and the ones that can access through an online method.

The countries that can access authorized visas:

Afghanistan Algeria Bangladesh Burundi Chad Comoros
Djibouti Eritrea Ethiopia Ghana Indonesia Iran
Iraq Israel Kosovo Lebanon Liberia Mali
Mauritania Moldova Morocco Myanmar Niger Nigeria
Tunisia Pakistan Palestine Philippines Rwanda Sierra Leone

Those countries that can access visa through an online method:

There are about 46 countries that can access an online method visa and the list will mention the names.

All European Union citizens Albania North Macedonia Australia Norway Canada
Russia Iceland Serbia Japan Switzerland South Korea
North Korea  Ukraine United kingdom Moldova United States Vatican city
Monaco  Montenegro        

These countries can stay in Egypt for about 30 days which means the visa that they acquire has a validity of 30 days.

Apart from the above two types of visa acquirement, one can also get a visa on arrival. However, the countries that can access this facility are limited and will have some restrictions, and hence checking whether you can take one or not is the best way of getting to know whether you need a visa.

Apart from these countries that have been mentioned all of the other countries citizens might not need a visa that means that they can travel without a visa. Let’s take a look at some of the FAQs that a lot of people have been asking regarding the visa strategies!


Q. Will an Indian need to apply for an Egypt visa if the list specifies the countries name?

If the country’s name has been specified in the above-given list then it is a mandatory process that a person who belongs to that country will have to take a visa.

Q. Are there a lot of types of visas available for a foreigner who wishes to go to Egypt?

It depends on which type of visa you are able to access. Like some countries nationals may be able to access to a visa on arrival while the other countries nationals will be able to access to a visa which is available through an online method. So once you know which types of visas you can access, you can easily apply for that one.

Q. Is it possible for a foreigner to get a full list of visa rules that needs to be followed in order to get a visa?

A person can get all of the information by reading the article named visa policy of Egypt where you will get to know the importance of visa and the various rules to be followed.

Q. Do I need a visa if my father is a national of Egypt?

If your father is a national of Egypt then that means you are related to that family and hence according to the visa rules you need not take a visa to go to Egypt.

Now that most of the questions have been solved it is sure that the doubt regarding do I need a visa for Egypt has also been solved. So now there’s no need to wait for any other approval you can just apply for one at Tourist Visa Online!

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