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Citizens of some countries do not require advance visa arrangements in order to enter Egypt they can obtain their Egypt visa on arrival when they reached Egypt, determine if you are from the visa on arrival country or not. It was actually quite hard to get a visa to Egypt so that you could travel freely. But now guess what? You can now easily get access to an Egypt visa with the help of its new Egypt visa on arrival service being made available! Well, isn’t that some good news you hear there! No more waiting for days and days waiting for your mail to be received and then getting to a big packing schedule. Now that this service has been made available, all you need to do is take all the important stuff in your backpack and go on a wonderful trip to discover all the pyramids in the area! Well, this will now be even more easier with the help of the information that Tourist visa online will be provided for you! 


Q. Is it that anyone can take a part in the visa on arrival services provided by Egypt?

No, it will not be possible for each and everyone around the world to get a visa on arrival service that has been provided by Egypt. This is because only some of the countries’ citizens can be eligible to apply for one. The complete list of eligible countries who can apply for a visa on arrival at Egypt airport can be given as follows:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece
Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden Canada Japan Macedonia
New Zealand Russia Ukraine Australia Georgia South Korea
Serbia Norway Malaysia United States    

All of the above-stated countries are eligible for an Egypt visa on arrival. This however will only be possible if you have a valid passport that proves that you are a citizen of any one of these mentioned countries. If you are just a foreign resident then you cannot avail of this service. 

Q. How does the process go for a visa on arrival for a foreign citizen willing to apply through this method? 

Ell, you can say that a visa on arrival is both a tedious and easy process on the same note. This is because you might not have to wait for a visa at your own house, however, the line that you face at the counter at one of the ports can be really frightening. This is why ts is called be both a tedious and smooth process. As far as the process is considered you might initially need some documents to be prepared after which you can apply for one. 

Q. What are the documents that need to be prepared in order to apply for a visa on arrival at Egypt ports?

The following documents will have to be carried in order to get the visa on arrival issued:

  • A passport: Your passport must have six months plus validity period in order for you to be eligible for this visa service. Additionally, you will also have to have at least two blank pages on your passport where the sticker will be attached. 
  • Passport-sized photographs: you will be asked for photographs that belong to you and follow all the restrictions that a passport-sized image should have. 

Q. Will an ID card work if I want to apply for a visa on arrival at Egypt?

Yes, you can use your ID card provided your are form one of the following countries:

Belgium France Germany
Italy Portugal  

Being from any of these countries will make you eligible for a visa on arrival even on a valid ID card. 

Q. What happens after I get all the documents for the visa on arrival service?

Once you have all the documents and you are at the port you will be required to get your documents arranged and submit it at the counter to the immigration officers who will then verify it and provide it to you. This visa that you get will allow a stay for about 30 days and will only have a single entry.

Q. Was visa on arrival process the best invention in Egypt’s visa services system?

Well to be honest this service was only a good invention until you got access to the electronic visa which has made life seem even more easier. Want to know how? Then here you go! Visa on arrival was initially a process where you had to apply for the visa after you reach the port site, which means that you will probably have to carry all of your important documents inside your bag to just apply for one visa. Well, now that might be a bit heavy with all the other stuff already being too much inside your bag. Considering all of this, the government o Egypt made the electronic visa facility available. So that people could more easily apply for a visa through an online method. 

That’s it now you are ready for an Egypt visa on arrival! 

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