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Are you aware of the KAZA UniVisa for Zimbabwe? Have you been planning to travel to Zimbabwe and Zambia together?  KAZA UniVisa is a special type of visa that will allow the foreign nationals to travel Zimbabwe and Zambia together with a single visa. So, this means that you don't have to invest in different types of visas. If you want to travel to Zimbabwe and Zambia then together you should get KAZA UniVisa.  

About KAZA UniVisa

On 28 November 2014 a project named the KAZA UniVisa Pilot project was launched with a period of six months in the initial stage. Letter on after seeing the positive consequences of this project were extended for 6 months but this was not enough because the project was doing well due to which the government of Zambia and Zimbabwe together decided to launch the rollout phase of the KAZA UniVisa Zimbabwe. 

The Home Minister of Zimbabwe and Zambia decided to sign a deal in which it was clear. Those with UniVisa foreign Nationals will be allowed to visit both the countries on a single Visa. For the permanent issuance of KAZA UniVisa a deal named as a memorandum of understanding symbolizing the commencement for issuing the KAZA UniVisa permanently was signed. 

KAZA UniVisa Cost

KAZA UniVisa is the most reasonable Visa if you want to visit Zimbabwe and Zambia together. You only have to pay 50 USD for getting KAZA UniVisa.  

Stay Validity of KAZA UniVisa 

KAZA UniVisa allows you to stay in Zimbabwe & Zambia For 30 days. KAZA UniVisa for Zimbabwe and Zambia visa 12 months. In these 12 months, You can visit anytime in the country.  

KAZA UniVisa Is only used to enter Zimbabwe & Zambia through the following ports.

Zambia Zimbabwe
Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Harare International Airport
Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport Victoria Falls International Airport
Victoria Falls Border Victoria Falls Border
Kazungula Border Kazungula Border


Countries eligible for the KAZA UniVisa 

Andorra Croatia Iceland Norway Turkey
Argentina Cuba Israel Poland Ukraine
Australia Czech Republic Italy Portugal United Arab Emirates
Austria Denmark Japan Puerto Rico United States of America
Belarus Estonia Kazakhstan Russia Uruguay
Belgium Finland Latvia Rwanda Switzerland
Bosnia-Herzegovina France Liechtenstein Samoa New Zealand
Brazil French Polynesia Lithuania Sao Tome Hungary
United Kingdom French West Indies Luxembourg Serbia Cook Islands
Brunei Georgia Marshall Islands Slovakia Sweden
Burundi Germany Moldova Slovenia New Caledonia
Canada Gibraltar Monaco South Korea Haiti
Cape Verde Greece Netherlands Spain Comoros Islands

Foreign nationals who are arriving the following airports of Zimbabwe Should apply for an E-visa from tourist visa online :

  1. Kenneth Kaunda International airport 
  2. Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport
  3. Victoria falls border and Kazungula border control

Frequently asked questions

Q. How can a foreign national get a KAZA UniVisa?

A. You can obtain a KAZA UniVisa for Zimbabwe and Zambia from a tourist visa online to save your efforts and money. You can also get this visa from the immigration department from other countries. Usually the tourist visa is active and obtains from any of the entry points in Zimbabwe and Zambia. 

Q. What is meant by the UniVisa? 

A. UniVisa is a common type of tourist visa used to visit the SADC region Which was initiated by the Government of Zambia and Zimbabwe for 6 months initially. and then extended up to more than six months. but later on it was decided that this visa will be permanent. The ministers of Zambia and Zimbabwe signed an agreement for the KAZA UniVisa. 

Q. Citizens of which nation can get KAZA UniVisa?

A. Foreign nationals who are eligible to get a visa on arrival or an e-visa for Zimbabwe are eligible to apply for the KAZA UniVisa. If you are unaware of the different categories of the Zimbabwe visa policy and want to know that you are eligible for the Kaza UniVisa or not, You can have a look at the Zimbabwe visa policy where you find a list of the categories in which you can check your eligibility criteria. But if still you find difficulty you can connect to our team at tourist visa online and check your eligibility criteria.


If you have not yet applied for zimbabwe's e-visa then you can apply to enjoy the sites of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is one of the most beautiful places in the world that is viewed by people. So if you are not aware of the beauty of Zimbabwe let us tell you that waterfalls mountains too with the breathtaking view. If you already planned your trip to Zimbabwe and Zambia together then you should apply for KAZA UniVisa for Zimbabwe and Zambia. 

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