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Want to attend a business meeting or want to do business in Zimbabwe? Have you applied for the Zimbabwe business visa? Not yet!! No issues!! Being a business owner we know it's very difficult for you to manage the time. But there are many times when you have to visit Zimbabwe to expand your business for which you will be required to have a valid Zimbabwe Visa.  


But do you think getting a Visa from an Embassy is an easy option? Well not it's quite hectic when you struggle to get a visa through the Embassy. So would you like to Waste your time and go to the Embassy to get your visa for business work? If you choose that option that is going to be a loss for your business in many aspects including time management which can lead to heavy losses to you and your company? 

It can lead to the mismanagement of the work and you can even miss your important meetings. Will, you still keep on going to the Embassy to get a visa and if you don't get one? You will put yourself in great trouble.

Zimbabwe business visa 

Zimbabwe business visa is issued to the foreign nationals who want to travel Zimbabwe for 

  • The business work 

  • To attend some meetings 

  • To attend conferences

In short we can say that the business visa is only given for business-related work. A business visa is generally non-renewable and is valid for 30 days only. 

An unrevealed surprise for Zimbabwe business visa holders 

We have a better option for you to get a Zimbabwe business visa. It can be productive for you. Do you want me to reveal that Magical option? Which will save your time as well as you can at the same time by consuming that save time? So here is the time to be familiar with the latest technology of E-visa that is being provided by the government of Zimbabwe. 

Wow, does that excite you? Yeah it's not that difficult to get E-Visa these days you just have to pick your phone & search www.touristvisaonline.com and this is the site that can save all your efforts from getting into vain. You should apply for Zimbabwe business e-visa when visiting Zimbabwe for your business work or official meetings. 


Some specific requirements for Zimbabwe business visa 

Do you know that you are required to submit the Zimbabwe business visa letter before heading towards Zimbabwe?  No!!! Don’t worry we have disclosed the essential letters essential required for the Zimbabwe business visa.  

Employment offering letter: 

For getting a Zimbabwe Business visa you are required to submit the authentic Employment offering letter from the company where you are selected in. But before submitting employment offering letter you should make sure that it includes the following details:

  • Your name, Passport number, contact details, & your address.

  • Signature of the designated authority & name of the company along with its valid stamp on the employment offering letter.

Covering letter from the company 

For traveling to Zimbabwe for business purposes you are required to submit a cover letter which is provided by the company in which you are going for work. But there are some conditions under which the cover letter will be accepted.

  • The covering letter of the company should be with a letterhead and an official stamp; it should also have the signature of the authority.

  • Covering letter should also include the address where you are going to stay and for how much period you are going to stay over there. 

Eligibility criteria for the Zimbabwe business visa.

Traveling to Zimbabwe for your business purpose you have to fill certain eligibility criteria of Zimbabwe business visa. 

  • You should be a genuine traveler who is traveling to Zimbabwe only for business purposes on a business visa.

  • When traveling to Zimbabwe you should have a sufficient account balance or a sufficient amount of cash to survive there.

  • You must have a return ticket along with you so that the immigration officers can be assured that you will return to your country after the accomplishment of your work.

  • This point is very essential because Zimbabwe does not allow individuals who are of bad character. In simple words we can say that you must have a good character without any record of violence or crime records in your country.

  • Well whenever you are traveling to a foreign Nation you should make sure that you are medically fit in simple words you should be healthy to travel.

  • Have the health standards that are required to travel to Zimbabwe.

  • The most important point is you should be traveling Zimbabwe for a genuine purpose and the work you are traveling for should not be illegal. 


Frequently asked questions

Q. What will happen if I am traveling to Zimbabwe and I don't have a return flight ticket/confirmation?

A. Well that can be a reason for your entries denial at the port of Zimbabwe. So please we would suggest you carry your return ticket along with you and it should be pre-booked.

Q. Change my Zimbabwe business visa to a work visa?

A. No it is not possible to convert your business visa to your work visa. If you want to apply for a Zimbabwe’s work visa I have to fulfill the requirements of it.

Q. How long does it take to process a Zimbabwe business visa?

A. To respond to your application form it takes 48 hours but you will get your Zimbabwe business visa 10 to 15 working days. 



We have done work by providing you with the magical opportunity to save your time by investing in Zimbabwe business visa online rather than going to and wasting your time which can negatively affect your business. So you should go for this option and get your visa as soon as possible and investor time in your business. 

Leave you all stressed upon us and we will provide you with your Zimbabwe business visa in 10 to 15 working days. So don't wait and apply now for Zimbabwe is business visa if you have your meetings or conferences in Zimbabwe

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