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Zimbabwe is an amazing place to visit. Visiting Zimbabwe has been the dream of many which are only fulfilled by few and if you're one among them who have been always dreaming to travel in the way then it is a great opportunity for you and especially for the Republic of China. Now it is possible to visit Zimbabwe with a Zimbabwe visa for Republic of China. Now there is no need for you to go out in this time where time is everything. As per the Zimbabwe visa policy now the Republic of China is also eligible to travel Zimbabwe.

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You have to apply for a Zimbabwe tourist visa online and you will get a visa in 10 to 15 working days from the most authentic site. 

Chinese passport is ranked in the 72 positions when talking about the world's strongest passports giving the right to the citizens of China to travel to 71 countries and Territories by having a visa on arrival or by getting e-visa.

Zimbabwe is a city of mountains and outstanding waterfalls. The best place to visit around the globe and if you have never thought to visit then don't waste your life and fulfill your dreams of visiting Zimbabwe now without us having been serving Zimbabwe is Visa from past many years and providing best Visa services around the globe. 

Frequently asked questions


Q. I am a citizen of China. Am I eligible to travel to Zimbabwe or not?

A. Republic of China Holding Chinese passports are eligible to travel Zimbabwe as per the visa policy of Zimbabwe. If you want to travel to Zimbabwe you have to get an e-visa before you travel to the country.

Q. For how long will my Zimbabwe e-visa be valid if I am a citizen of China?

A. If you are a citizen of China and have Zimbabwe's e visa then your visa will be valid up to 90 days from the date of its issue. It means that you have to visit Jim buffet in between the validity period only. 

Q. I am from China and I have applied for my e visa for Zimbabwe but I have made a mistake. Is it possible to modify my details in the E-Visa?   

A. If your visa has been issued then it is not possible to make any changes in your details because it is issued from the government. But if you realize your mistake before we have issued a visa to you. You can contact us as soon as possible and we will make our best efforts to change your details which are mistaken if it's not too late. 

Q. Is there any requirement to get a vaccine before traveling to Zimbabwe if I am a citizen of China?

A. If a citizen of China is traveling to Zimbabwe then you have to get a yellow fever vaccine if there is any risk of transmission of fever in your country. 

Q. For applying Zimbabwe's e-visa, what are the conditions if I belong to China and I have a Chinese passport?

A. The basic requirement for the citizen of China holding a Chinese passport is that you have a passport with the validity of 6 months. 

Q. Being a Chinese citizen for which kind of Passport I am eligible for Zimbabwe? 

A. Chinese citizen can get any of the following visas for Zimbabwe by applying online

  •  Transit Visa

  •  Business visa

  •  Tourist visa

Q. What does it take for travelling from China to Zimbabwe?

A. If you are traveling from China to Zimbabwe by air PQ approximately 11 hours to reach Zimbabwe the distance between China and Zimbabwe is 6,186 miles.

Q. If I want to visit Zimbabwe for a long holiday which visa should I apply for?

A. If you want to spend a good time in Zimbabwe then you should apply for a Zimbabwe student visa which is valid for 90 days and allow you to stay in Zimbabwe for 90 days and enjoy your trip in the country. 

Q. How much cash can I take along with me to Zimbabwe if I am a citizen of China?

A. If you are traveling to Zimbabwe on a tourist visa there is no sufficient limit of cash you can take along with you. you will find many amazing places to visit and many amazing things to buy so we would suggest you have a good bank balance before going to change but you should get a credit card or a debit card for yourself rather than cash.

Q. I am a citizen of China and I have been in Zimbabwe for the past 30 days. What amount of cash can I take along with me while going out of Zimbabwe?

A. There is a limit of the cash that you can take out along with you from Zimbabwe that is 1000 Dollars. You can also say that you are not allowed to take more than 1000 USD out from the country



Citizens of China can travel to Zimbabwe anytime according to their plans but the only way of entering the country is to get an E-visa. For applying e-visa you have to fulfill certain requirements, about the Zimbabwe Visa requirements click here.  Zimbabwe Visa for the Republic of China is provided by us with the best team support to you 24*7 

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