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Before you plan a trip to Zimbabwe you all make a budget to make your trip successful, and an adventurous one which includes all the expenses like Zimbabwe visa cost, traveling, Staying, shopping, and your everyday meal. Well, the most primary factor of your budget is always a cost that is going to affect your budget majorly. 

Some questions continuously keep striking your mind: what if you won't be able to plan your trip in your budget? If your Visa cost is higher than your budget?  These thoughts can now no more make you stressed as we have the best solution for your stress. Are you aware of tourist visas online? No!!! It's not yet late. Tourist Visa online is a website that provides services to the customers related to visas but the most special thing about the website is Fair and reasonable cost. “The main purpose of tourist Visa online it's not to earn profit but to provide the customers a visa that is reasonably and cheaper than any other online service provider”

Now you all might be thinking why a website will provide a visa cheaper than other service providers? This is Possible only because Tourist Visa online charges fewer service fees than others. Where other service providers think to get the maximum profit, where tourist Visa online aims to expand its Network and maintain healthy relationships with their customers. 

Cost of zimbabwe visa 

Single entry visa 

  • Standard Processing Visa

When you choose a standard processing Visa of Zimbabwe you will be charged a normal processing fee of 55 USD. In Addition to this you will be charged a service fee of 26 USD  as of now but it can vary also. The service fee charged by a tourist Visa online is cheaper than any other service provider. Standard processing visas are processed in the 10-15 working days.

  • Rush processing visa 

Rush processing Visa enables you to get your visa in 5 working days and it also comes with a greater amount than standard processing Visa. To get the visa in 5 days you can go for processing your Visa with a tourist Visa online at a minimum cost of 95 USD.

  • Super rush processing Visa

This is the fastest ever visa that enables you to get your visa in just one day or a minimum of 5 hours. You know that “the faster the service the more the charge”. The same applies here when you apply for a super rush processing Visa. It costs you 115 USD. 

Double Entry Visa

  • Standard processing visa 

Standard processing Zimbabwe e-Visa cost you 70 USD when choosing a double entry Visa of Zimbabwe. When choosing a double-entry standard processing Visa you may know that it can take approximately 10 to 15 working days. 

  • Rush processing visa 

When you have applied for a double-entry Visa of Zimbabwe along with the rush processing Visa it will charge you 110 USD and approximately 26 USD of the service fee. You will get your double-entry rush processing Visa in 5-6 working days.

  • Super rush processing visa 

A Super Rush processing visa with a facility of entering the country twice will Make a bill of 130 USD. You can get your Double Entry super rush processing Visa in 1-2 working days.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What if I don't get my Visa in time?

A. If you have submitted your documents accurately then you'll get your visa in time. The only case if you don't get your visa is when you made a mistake in the documentation process or your Visa is denied by the embassy. 

Q. Is it possible to track the status of my Visa from a tourist Visa online?

A. Yes tourist visa online gives you the facility to track your Visa status anytime from anywhere. To track your Visa status you have to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Check your passport number and application ID.
  2. Go on the official website of tourist visas online.
  3. There you will find an option named as to track your Visa status.
  4. Click on the option.
  5.  now you'll see two columns named as application ID and passport number.
  6.  Fill the Columns accurately.
  7.  The results will be displayed.

Q. How can I pay my Zimbabwe Visa fees to a tourist Visa online?

A. If you’ve been operating with a tourist Visa online you can pay Zimbabwe visa fees from any mode of internet banking or by using credit or debit cards.


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