How to Apply Lesotho Visa for Mongolia Nationals

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Everybody must have been dreaming of going to a place which should have a different and uniqueness. In the same way the Mongolian nationals will also want to visit to a different place into a perfectly different environment. In that case they can visit that famous country in South Africa which is Lesotho. This country is famous for its beautiful nature and also for its arts and crafts. There is also a place in the country where visitors can definitely embrace the arts and different cultures of the country known as Maseru. The visitors will even get to Watch the beauty of the beautiful waterfalls that are present in the country in the places of Semonkong and Malealea. They will also get the opportunity of going for different kinds of activities like hiking and fly fishing and also, they can opt for safari lodging if they want to stay there for a few more days in the same place and enjoy the place. Then also there is the museum where they will get a unique experience of the Jurassic era and they will feel like they are in that ancient era and the name of the museum is Morija’s museum. The uniqueness of this museum is that it has preserved the footprints of the dinosaurs which gives them visitors are perfectly new experience. So overall this country is the best place to visit with the family and the friends and to go forward trip to this country from the hectic daily schedule of life. But one thing that is very important to note that is the Mongolian nationals will need a visa to visit country and also, They should apply for the visa at least two weeks before they have their flight tickets to the country in order to be tension free.


Now it is highly suggested to the Mongolian nationals as well so that they apply for the visa through online websites like tourist visa online and not through the offline embassies because if you go to the embassy then you have to stand in the line which will waste your time and while you are applying online then it will take hardly a few minutes to go through the whole application form and fill it immediately and even when you are applying online you will also get the opportunity of rechecking and going through your application twice so that if you make any mistake while filling the form you can correct it but this will not be the case while you are applying for the visa through the embassy. Even you will also be able to see the progress and track your visa status just sitting at home and clicking on the website and you will even receive your authenticated visa within a very short time in your registered email address and you can take out the print out of the soft copy which has very less chances of getting lost like the hard copy which is issued by the embassy.

Tourist Visa Online Is our website where we guarantee to all the citizens that they will receive their authenticated visa to whichever country they are applying for provided all the countries are listed in our website and also there will be no extra charges except for the visa fees for any extra facilities that we will offer. You can call us at anytime of the day irrespective of the time so that we can help you in a better way. 


Documents that are required to carry for the Mongolian nationals in order to visit Lesotho 

  • The foremost and the very much important document is the original passport that should be present with each and every Mongolian applicant and should have the validity of six months.
  • The Mongolian applicant should also bring their travel insurance proof without which they won’t get the permission to enter the country.
  • Bank details in bank statements should be brought in order to show the proof of the salary for the last three or four months.
  • The Mongolian applicant should not forget to bring the travel itinerary because they are the proof where they will be staying in the country and also the flight tickets.
  • The Mongolian applicant should bring the yellow fever vaccination certificate in order to visit the country. 
  • The applicant if they are visiting for business purposes then must bring the invitation letter or the employment letter from the institution, they are already working under which should clearly state the purpose of the visit. 
  • Two passport size photographs are a must and it should be kept in mind that the image dimensions should be in a square aspect ratio. 
  • The fees depend on the type of the visa if the visa is single entry tourist visa then the cost is 175 USD and if the visa is multiple entry tourist visa then the cost is 375 USD. 

Apply Lesotho Visa

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