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Lesotho is a South African country and, because of its high altitude, is also known as the Sky kingdom, the highest point in the world (1400m), and is the only country in the world that is over 1000m!

Lesotho has many attractions and is entirely surrounded by South Africa, making it a vacation spot for you to enjoy. In this article, we will check out about is Lesotho Safe to Visit.

As for Lesotho's unusual adventures, look no further than the Kome Caves – the astonishing cave houses constructed formerly for the cannibals by Basotho people.

For nature lovers, visit Semonkong Falls, known as the 200-meter drops!

There is also no better experience than swimming under these cascades during the summer in a bath, and in the winter, the pool is freezing into a natural ice rink.

The real footprints of the dinosaur can be seen all over the country are another fantastic feature of Lesotho – the most accessible areas are near Moyeni & Morija.

Warnings and Dangers in Lesotho

Lesotho is usually regarded as a safe country to visit. Despite being a haven and a refuge from all the troubles that hit the rest of Africa hard, Lesotho is facing problems with violence, small and violent disease, and poverty.



Expect rough terrain in Lesotho while driving. However, in Lesotho, this is not the biggest challenge. It is important to note that car thieves, like smash-and-grabs, are famous here. The drivers of Lesotho typically conduct themselves carelessly and erroneously, whereas other modes of transport are slow and efficient.


Pickpockets are operating in Lesotho, particularly on buses and other public transports in Lesotho, and make sure that you keep your bags and items nearby your side as you drive.


Many natural disasters, including inundations, drought, freezing, strong winds, and heavy snowfall, have been identified as having hit Lesotho. These caused several deaths of humans and cattle and caused considerable material harm, property damage, and crop loss.


Violence in Lesotho is a specific issue. Robberies and muggings are common, and although weapons are not widely used, knives are standard, and if you are in such a situation, give all you want right away because if you can stop, you'll have no problem in using violence.


Despite the absence of terrorist attacks in Lesotho, they must not be ruled out, so it is best to remain constantly alert and conscious of your environment.


There is a chance to get scammed, as in any world. Would you like people to try to extortion you some money whenever possible, as it is a land of poverty. All: road sellers, taxi and bus drivers, and owners of accommodation may be overcrowded. All in advance is checked by double, and the payor negotiates all details.


Lesotho is not a single female traveler's secure destination. You should stop going anywhere alone after dark and even during the day try to have some business. Follow fundamental common sense and avoid going alone in a sunny and remote location at night.

Is Lesotho Safe to Visit?

In general, Lesotho is considered much safer than its South Africa neighbor. Lesotho has a reputation as a safe haven – a refuge from all the political instability that other African countries have encountered.

And although she has kept her freedom, she has fought her own wars – with hunger, disease, and violence. The urban areas are increasingly unsafe, while the rural areas are so beautiful that there is little need to hang in cities with magnificent sights. Now, this crime is possibly the main concern of the tourists in urban areas.

The crime rate in Maseru, the capital of Lesotho, is regarded by the US State Department as a severe crime. This also refers to Maputsoe and Hlotse, neighboring cities. Do not waste much time on dark roads and never walk away from well-lit and busy streets. Be extremely careful on the stretch between the center of Maseru's hotels and the business district because they are known for theft. In terms of robbery, knives are mainly used, but weapons are increasing, especially in Maseru.

Do not fight and hand over your possessions straight away, as potential stealers are probably not hesitant to use violence if you are robbed. 


Useful Information

Visas: People from Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States do not need a visa for Lesotho, although many countries need to obtain one. Please ensure that your passport is valid on departure for at least three months and has at least two blank pages. If you are uncertain about your visa status, visit to see whether or not you need a nationality-based visa and the country you would like to visit.

Currency: In Lesotho, there are two true currencies: Rand in South Africa and Lotus in Lesotho. ATMs are popular in Lesotho, but in many countries, world cards outside the capital are seldom recognized.

Weather: The Lesotho climate is temperate, with hot summers and cold winters characteristic. The surrounding Maseru and the lowlands can reach up to 30 °C during the summer, while the temperature of the low countries may decrease to -7 °C in the winter, and the highlands may decrease somewhat to -20 °C during the summer.

Airports: The International Airport of Moshoeshoe I is an airport located in Lesotho's capital, Maseru. It is situated 18 km southeast of the center of Maseru in the town of Mazenod.

Travel Insurance: As everywhere else, travel insurance for Lesotho is recommended because it does not only take into account the costs of medical conditions but also robbery and valuable losses.

Final Words

So by now, you must have got the answer to the question Is Lesotho Safe To Visit. So you must definitely visit the nation, and you can follow the tips mentioned above to be more safe in the nation. To avail the Visa you can visit Tourist Visa Online.

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