How to Apply Lesotho Visa for Hungary Nationals

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A common question arises whether the Hungary Nationals are needful of obtaining Lesotho visa or they can travel without the visa necessity?

  • Yes, the Hungary Nationals have to satisfy the Lesotho visa conditioning and must fulfill all the conditions only then they will be eligible of obtaining the Lesotho visa. The Lesotho visa, as per the new regulation the Lesotho embassy has declared that now the candidates can book their e-visa in an online mood, due to the covid cases the embassy office offline working is now been ceased. 


Visa For Lesotho

The Lesotho visa justifies it two types of visas which will be offerings as a choice option in all the Lesotho visa types, they are-

  • The Single Visa Types

Type of visas

Minimum offerings

Maximum offerings


Single visa 

30 days as per the terms and conditions

90 days as per the terms and conditions

This type is been applicable for every visitor, the processing it undertakes is quite fast, it entertains only a single entry. The requirement of a single visa is simple.

  • The Multiple Visa Types

Type of visas

Minimum offerings

Maximum offerings


Multiple visas 

90 days as per the terms and conditions

2 years as per the terms and conditions

This type is only applicable for employees, workers who are progressing their work or job profile in the Lesotho territory, on a normal term it took more than 30 days for visa processing, it allows multiple entries, at a time.

Lesotho Visa Requirements

The Lesotho countries visa requirements are simple, but the candidate must carry these documents for the visa approval.

  • The soft copy of the passport needs to be uploaded (as a suggestion the traveler must carry their original passport while traveling)
  • They are also been requested to submit their past passport (if the candidate inherits otherwise, they must ignore it)
  • The applicant color photographs need to be uploaded
  • Only applicant active bank account statement is required
  • The id cards original documentary is needful
  • Letter of invitation or proposal letter are required
  • The travel assurance letter that is the immigration letter by the foreign minister is needful
  • The person must acquire their travel and health insurance
  • All the relevant personal information of the applicant is necessary, (particularly contact details, name, email id, residential address)
  • The candidate must not inherit any criminal action.


Visa For Lesotho

The Hungary Nationals have to acquire the Lesotho visa, for acquiring the visa will direct certain requirements which are already been concluded by the Lesotho embassy.

  • Only original and legal papers of documents will be acceptable
  • All the e-visa processing is been progressed in an online platform
  • The records which the candidate will upload only those records will be consider
  •  Always keep in mind no refunds are progressed
  • The payments completion should be acquired then only the visa will be the process
  • Specially the passport must include at least a 6-month active period
  • The Lesotho embassy also allotted free visa allowance, so the nationalist must check the information before traveling.

Is Lesotho A Safe Country

Regarding the Lesotho country's safety and secureness, it is a quite moderate situation. The crime rates are quite medium as it has been always preferable not to walk in any isolated areas, especially at night times.

  • Don’t take a car lift from any unknown persons, always prefer the hotel car drivers in case of traveling at the night times.
  • The border crossing is been prohibited by the local travelers
  • The muggers, murders, or any criminal actions are quite common in the Lesotho country
  • Always prefer a reputed hotel or cottage as the steeling of traveler’s goods or things from the hotel’s rooms are quite common in local or cheap hotels.
  • Always lock the doors at night times.
  • Though the transportation is quite less available the travelers can prefer hotels booked taxis or cars for their traveling
  • The trips or driving must be cautioned as due to low relief lands and fog climatic condition most of the accident occurs, (as the Lesotho country is been surrounded by mountains)
  • The wild animals are used to be found and they are roaming around in the hazard’s road mainly in the night time.
  • The airline's services are open now but all the safety precautions are needed to be followed
  • The political controversy is quite common in Lesotho country.


Lesotho Visa Online

For the visa booking suggestion, it has been always referring to visit or apply for the visa application from the site tourist visa onlineas it has been rated as the top website for assuring on-time visa delivery and that also at a reasonable price rate. Now, the question comes why we will prefer tourist visa online site, as 

  • It is a legal and authenticated site for the visa bookings
  • It assures and guarantees to its customers for less chances of visa cancelation (if all the valid documents are submitted)
  • The visa gets delivered 48 hours after the processing steps are completed
  • Full security and privacy are maintained
  • It's a priority to provide a good customized service.

How to progress or apply for the visa application?

  • Visit the tourist visa online site
  • Select the destination 
  • Apply for the required visa types
  • Select the application form
  • Fill it up and complete the payment options and submit the application form
  • The tourist visa online site will direct a confirmation mail.

Apply Lesotho Visa

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