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If you have already decided on the method through which you want to apply for a Lesotho visa and you are here to get more information regarding the steps on the same then you are on the right track! This how to apply Lesotho visa will explain to you the whole process of the visa application clearly. If you have not yet decided on the method then you do need to read the Lesotho visa application form article. You can do so by simply following the link and getting the information on the same. Tourist visa online has always ensured that no matter for what reason you want to apply for a visa, you will always get the best services possible. This means you can always rest assured when it comes to visa application via Tourist Visa Online. 


Q. Is the visa to Lesotho available for a person who does not have a visa?

Traveling to Lesotho will only be possible if you have a passport. Well, not only having a passport is enough, but you also need to check out some of the validity and other requirements that have to be followed. Some of the requirements that a passport should follow when applying for a Lesotho visa can be as follows:

  • Passport should not have a validity which will be less than six months and if found so, then re-issuing or renewing the passport is a must
  • Passport must contain all of the accurate information that has to be filled in and must have the person’s name in capital letters. 
  • A passport must also be from the country that the person belongs to.
  • The passport is supposed to have one blank page on which the stamp of the visa will be given.

All of the above requirements must be surely filled in for a person to get the visa issued for Lesotho.

Q. Will the application form that has to be filled in for Lesotho visa by a foreigner take a whole week to be filled in?

Forget about a week, you won’t even need a day’s time for getting the visa application form filled in. This form which you get through tourist visa online is something that will require you to spend barely some minutes to get the whole application done. So this means there is no waste of time when you are applying for a visa. This also means that you need not worry about where you applying for the visa from!

Q. How should a foreigner complete the process through tourist visa online to get a Lesotho visa?

The process to complete the application is quite simple and can be done in only five steps. The detailed stepwise instructions can be given as follows:

Step 1: Nationality:

Nationality details will be asked firstly and you need to be specific about which country you belong to and fill it out. You will also have two separate options for the current place you live in and the citizenship. If both the places are the same just enter the same name, if not enter different countries’ names.

Step 2: Selection of visa types:

You will be given a complete list of visa options to choose from and if this is not found then probably it is because you can get access to this visa. If you find the right one just select it and go to the next step.

Step 3: Filling of visa form:

You will now get the form visible in front of you. All you need to now do is fill it out and get the documents attached along with it. There will be an option for uploading the documents right below the form.

Step 4: Payment of the visa fees given:

You will now be getting the payment page, where you need to fill in the details of your card or through any other net banking ways. Once you pay you will be notified through the mail about the completion.

Step 5: Tracking of the visa:

Even though you will be getting regular updates on the visa processing you can still get access to the tracking of visa through the main webpage. All you need to do is enter the application form number or your passport number to get the details about the visa process.

Q. Is it possible for a woman to get a visa through this method?

Yes, a woman can also easily apply for the visa as long as you know all the document requirements and how to fill in all of the details.

Q. Will this visa be necessary for a Lesotho visa exemptions country?

No, you need not apply for a visa if you are from a visa exemption country.

Now that you know how to apply Lesotho visa you can easily complete the steps and complete the process at your own comfort!

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