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Planning to go to another secluded place where you can enjoy your nature’s trip the best? Well, Lesotho with its not so known features is calling you for the next adventure. But wondering if you need a visa? Well, the Lesotho visa policy is here to clear all of the doubts for you! We at tourist visa online also make sure you never get such doubts so do stay tuned in for much-awaited doubt clearing sessions!

Lesotho also is known as the Kingdom of Lesotho is a small country you can find at the borders of South Africa. This place with only about 30,000 km2 is one of the smallest countries in the world. This place holds only about 2 million people of the worlds’ population. It has Maseru as its capital and is the biggest city among all the others in Lesotho. You can also find people here speaking the main language that is the Sesotho language. You might have not heard before, but this is the language that most of the native people speak! Apart from this, due to business enhancements, there have been people who also speak English but it is rare to find them. 

The one thing that has been attracting the tourists nowadays is the mountains, the beaches, and nature with all of its beauty! The climate here is one that most people would like. With some extreme weather conditions, there are some of the people who might not like this place. So if you want to check this place out, you’d probably have to take a visa. So here is the visa policy you will have to read before taking one for yourself!

What is a Lesotho visa policy?

Lesotho visa policy is the rules or conditions set down for the foreigners entering Lesotho. These rules or conditions are made which includes all of the countries from around the world. This set of rules will give you a clear idea about which visas are available and who all need to take them before going to a foreign place. This ultimately is one place you will find all of the needed information when you are in a hurry and want to glance through once to get a clear idea.

Is a visa a compulsion for the foreigners going to Lesotho?

As mentioned before there are some who might require it while the other can just go without taking one. But the important thing here is knowing if you need one or not. As far as compulsion is considered while traveling to foreign countries, one thing that is much important than your visa itself is your passport. Without this document, traveling is quite impossible. So checking whether you require a visa or not is the task you need to do in order to find out whether it is a compulsion or not.

Countries that can go to Lesotho without a visa:

There are some not all who can go to Lesotho without a visa and these are the people whose countries’ names will be mentioned below. The countries whose nationals can go to Lesotho and stay for about 90 days without a visa can be given as follows:

Antigua and Barbuda Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Belize Botswana
Brunei Cameroon Dominica Eswatini Gambia Grenada
Guyana Hong Kong  Ireland Israel Jamaica Japan
Kenya Kiribati South Korea Malawi Malaysia Maldives
Malta Mauritius Namibia Nauru Papua New Guinea Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Samoa San Marino Seychelles Sierra Leone
Singapore Solomon Islands South Africa Sri Lanka Tanzania Tonga
Trinidad and Tobago Tuvalu Uganda Vanuatu Zambia Zimbabwe

All of the above 49 countries are those whose nationals might not need a visa before they travel to Lesotho. 

Apart from these 49 countries; there are other 22 countries that will not need a visa. But the stay for these 22 countries that have been allowed by the government of Lesotho is for only 14 days which means the nationals of those countries whose names will be mentioned can stay for only 14 days without a visa. The list can be given as follows:

Australia Austria Belgium Canada Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Finland France Germany Iceland Italy
Luxemburg Netherlands New Zealand Norway Portugal Spain
Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States    

All of the British nationals who belong to the United Kingdom can also avail of this visa-free stay which is allowed for 14 days.

Electronic visa to Lesotho:

It was on the 1st of May 2017 that the electronic visa was invented in Lesotho. Before that only the traditional way of taking a visa was acceptable. It is now through the online visa systems that Lesotho provides a major of its visa types. All of the visa types including business, tourist, student, and other diplomatic visas can be made available through the online system itself. This has majorly influenced the foreigners in taking a Lesotho visa online. This has also contributed to the majorly attracted foreign tourists to Lesotho. The electronic visas that are provided through the online systems are those which are processed within 72 hours which means that you can get access to these types of online visas in a matter of three days.  

With the help of a single entry visa taken by the foreigner, he or she can stay for up to 44 days in Lesotho. However for those with a visa that allows multiple entries can stay for 180 days which also allows them multiple entries and exits from Lesotho. Extension facilities are also made available for those foreigner wish to stay for a longer period in Lesotho. 

Transit facilities:

As far as transit facilities are concerned, there are no such facilities made available for the tourists.

People who visit Lesotho the most:

There have been statistics which have been recorded every year which records all of the tourists and their visits from different parts of the world. One can see that most of the people who have visited Lesotho are those from South Africa and then come in second place Zimbabwe and the list goes on. This list was according to the data which was obtained in the year 2017. So by now the rates have increased further and have left an impact in the tourism industry.

The Lesotho visa policy here has thus given a brief description of the visa requirements and the other important information.

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