How to Apply Lesotho Visa for United Arab Emirates Nationals

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Is Lesotho Safe

Lesotho kingdom is a mountain-oriented country as it has been locked by land-locked countries but it has many originations of waterfalls, oceans, and rivers. The ratio of Lesotho population is quite low, and the country faces many scarcities and poverty in their day-to-day life process. Though the Lesotho country has progressed their independence, that does not resolve the problem they use to face a struggle and conflicts to expand their territories in the African continental zones through political and facilities their importance.


Though we can suggest and describe that Lesotho is not completely a safe zone, as there is also a medium change of unsafety glimpse. The Lesotho country is not been supportive of terrorist activities, as the attackers of the terrorist are also not been generous or undertaken in this area land.

  • Lesotho is been a highly active area of criminal activity, as the rates of crimes is been increased higher in the Lesotho country. Specially Maseru the capital area of Lesotho is been highly effective by crimes, the rates of murder, kidnapping is incisive in their areas.
  • The security and protection are been taken under serious notice, the South African embassy also emerge a serious securities measure in the Lesotho areas, as the FIFA world cup use to take place in their country zones
  • Tourism is the main source of income for Lesotho citizens. For its goon destination of holidays and viewing points, it drags the attention of the tourist towards its.
  • It has been always a suggestive point for the tourist not to move out in the nighttime, as the tourist are been majorly attackers and vulnerable targets, the attackers use to steal all their things, sometimes the attackers act in such a manner that many of the travelers used to injuries seriously, and robberies rates are quite increased so it been suggestive to lock the doors properly.
  • Lesotho polices are taking measurable steps to stop these illegal and criminal activities, they have installed cameras and, in each area, police are providing Naka check-up and night guards in those areas which are been diversely affected by the criminal activities.
  • The crowded areas especially the public hubs, hotels, restaurants, and crowded markets are the terrifying places of robbery.
  • Rash driving and public transport accidents are quite common in Lesotho land.
  • Acids attacks are quite common for women, windows are advisable to close during traveling, 
  • Smuggling, in public harassment, and raping are quite in higher ratio crimes in Lesotho country.

Lesotho visa

For acquiring the Lesotho visa be aware of the requirement that the passengers have to fulfill while they will appeal for a visa application form. 

  • Passport is the main requirement for the Lesotho visa
  • Passport at the same time must acquire the validate period (i.e., of 6 months)
  • Passengers own image is needed, so they must submit their recognized photographs in the application form
  • 4 copies of the image are required 
  • 2 blank pages in the passport documents are needed
  • The letter of emigrants means the foreign minister must sign the immigration letter of the applicant
  • They must ensure their active bank accounts details and statement of transactions
  • Passengers’ bookings and reservation charters are been required
  • The passengers must not inherit any crime records
  • Id evidential records
  • If assuring any invitation letter from the foreign embassies they must submit that too (it's completely optional) 


Employee Visas

The employment visas follow some basic requirements those are-

  • Must clarify with details – for how many days they will work in the Lesotho offices
  • Submit the agreement deal closing details
  • Employment id card evidential 
  • Passport is the main requirement for the employment visa
  • They must ensure their active bank accounts details and statement of transactions
  • Employee own image is needed, so they must submit their recognized photographs in the application form
  • Company details are required
  • Academic details of the employee are also necessary

After The Application Process

  • Must complete the payment statutes.
  • An email will be sent by the embassy office for conducting an interview process
  • If the applicant is only traveling then he has to assure the interview process
  • If the applicant takes his family members, then the family members also have to attend the interview sessions.
  • Health procedural check-up will be conducted afterward, as the candidate has to pay separately for this process.

Lesotho Online Visas

For the Lesotho visa, the candidate must acquire their visa bookings from some generous site, we refer you only the rights information’s and suggestions, go for the tourist visa online site, the reputation the site has gained is remarkable, its preformation status has improved a lot and for its services, it been rated as the top 10 best bookings sites.

  • It is easy to handle
  • No refunds are given
  • Privacy and security of the customers are its major noticeable areas
  • Fast processing
  • 48 hours of delivery


Apply For Lesotho Visa Online

For the application process-

  • Search for the tourist visa online site open the website select the location
  • Read all the relevant information of that country
  • Then choose the visa types, and click on the proceed to apply option
  • An application form will be opened
  • Filled that form and complete the payment transactions
  • And click for the apply button
  • Within 24 hours your visa application form will be submitted
  • The applicant will receive a confirmation mail and can check the visa status.

Apply Lesotho Visa

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