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Lesotho being a new country that people are still discovering has led to a lot of people still wondering about this place. This place, as it has been already mentioned in the Lesotho visa policy, requires the people to get a Lesotho visa before they start their travel plans. But this visa also needs some requirements that have to be followed, and that is exactly what you will be getting in this article you can find out all about the Lesotho visa document requirements and all of its specifications once you finish this article by reading it!


Q. What is a Lesotho visa and why is it important for a foreigner to get it?

When a foreigner goes to another country without permission it becomes a crime. Even though some might just think of it as living the best life and traveling as you want to, but the reality seems to be difficult! This means to get this traveling around the world dream successful you first need to know about a visa and its importance. Only after this can you roam around the world all care-free. This visa is an important document not only because it allows you to travel but also because this document is one that will be responsible for your identity in a foreign country. So this means without a visa a foreigner cannot for whatsoever reason travel around the world! A Lesotho visa similarly is a visa given to the foreigners to visit Lesotho for whatever purpose they have.

Q. What are the options that a foreigner can access when taking a look at the Lesotho visa types?

When you talk about the Lesotho visa types and the options available you can get a lot of options for sure. The options can be given as follows:

  1. Lesotho diplomatic visa
  2. Lesotho tourist single entry visa
  3. Lesotho tourist multiple-entry visas
  4. Lesotho business single entry visa
  5. Lesotho business  multiple-entry visas
  6.  Student visa
  7. Employment visa

These above mentioned are the seven types of visas that a foreigner can gain access to when looking at the visa options.

Q. Don’t these visas require some documents to be submitted to be issued?

Yes, these documents need some of the documentation requirements that have to be submitted in order for the visa to be issued to you. The basic list of requirements can be given in detail as follows:

1. A passport:

The first and foremost requirement no matter what is the passport as you need to get a passport issued for yourself before being eligible to apply for a visa. A foreigner without a passport cannot travel and this is a fact! Apart from having the passport, it is also important that you check the validity without which the travel will not be allowed. The validity required for the passport by any foreigner to go to Lesotho is for about six months after the entry. It is also to be noted that the passport must have at least two void pages to get the visa stamped onto.

2. Visa application form:

This aids as the second most important document when you talk about visa application. This form can be either an inline one or an offline one, but the important thing to be noted is that it needs to be completely filled in without losing any of the important information. 

3. Passport size photographs:

It is important that you provide a photograph which has been taken only recently. By recently it means that the photograph must not be more than six months old. This will be attached to your visa and will help in identification and hence the photograph must follow all the guidelines as mentioned.

Q. Are there any other special documents that need to be submitted in order to get the visa apart from the already mentioned basic ones?

Yes, there are other documents that need to be submitted and will vary according to visa types. The essential documents that have to be submitted along with the types can be given as follows:

1. Tourist visa:

Apart from those that have already been mentioned, a tourist visa application will be accompanied by the following documents:

  • A travel itinerary
  • An invitation letter from family or friends, if the visit is sponsored.

2. Business visa:

The following documents must be attached for issuing the business visa under your name:

  • An invitation letter sent by the company located in Lesotho
  • A copy of the booking of the hotel done in Lesotho

3. Student visa:

Following are the documents which will help a student gain the student visa:

  • An acceptance letter from school or university stating the acceptance of the student into that particular school or university.
  • Mentioning the date or the duration of stay in Lesotho for studies.
  • A parent or guardians letter which claims the responsibility of the child.

4. Diplomatic visa:

To get a diplomatic visa the following documents can be attached:

  • A letter must be attached which is issued from a government agency
  • A proof of the yellow fever vaccination is asked for

5. Work visa or employment visa:

  • The work visa apart from those specified documents will need a work permit and a residency proof to be submitted by the foreigner.
  • This completes all the requirements which have to be fulfilled.

Q. Once a foreigner has all the documents, what should he or she do?

First of all checking the validity and other information of the documents is a must. If any of the information is found to be wrong the visa application can be rejected and hence check all the information mentioned on the documents. This document checking and all of the process is not necessary for Lesotho visa exemptions countries as they only need a passport.

Q. What to do after the validity check of the documents is done? 

Once you finish off all the checking make sure you know the way through which you want to apply for a visa. You can have the following options:

  • Lesotho visa via online method
  • Lesotho visa via an embassy

After you select one from the options you can have the application done and the visa issued to you! This completes all the Lesotho visa document requirements that you need to know!

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