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Lesotho is a country with breathtaking scenic beauty. Popularly known as ‘Kingdom In The Sky’ this country has something for every traveller. From beautiful mountains to different adventurous sports like skiing, water sports, and snowboarding this country is definitely worth visiting.  It is a small country but, have great tourist attractions. Most Importantly you find a sense of calmness in Lesotho as there are no skyscrapers, lots of cars, and stuff like that. You will see Nature at it’s best and discover so many interesting things. Now, if you still have not made your mind about visiting Lesotho then read this article. As of today, we will tell you Why You Should Visit Lesotho? We will also tell you how to apply for a Lesotho visa easily without any complications.

6 Reasons To Visit Lesotho

  • Beautiful Mountains: The mountains in Lesotho are the main reasons to visit this place. Lesotho is situated on a highland plateau. It is surrounded by South Africa. You would be surprised to know that it is the only country to sit entirely at 1000m above sea level. Yes, you read that correctly. This is why it is called ‘Kingdom in the sky’. If you love trekking then there are a lot of spots for it in this country. The Drakensberg mountain range is very famous and you must visit it if you are going to Lesotho. The mountain range creates the border between South Africa and Lesotho. It has a height of heights of 3,482m and you can see both the countries. The view will give you chills for sure! The climate would be very cold and the experience will be unforgettable.
  • Bushman Paintings: Bushman Paintings are ancient rock paintings and carvings which depict half-human half-animal hybrids, hunters, and a lot of things! You will get to know how ancient people use to paint. San rock art is very famous in this country. The artwork is usually seen in a dark red colour. It is drawn with finely crushed red rocks combined with animal fats. The paintings are found in the Drakensberg and in the Malealea area.
  • Subeng Dinosaur Footprints: The Dinosaur Footprints are embedded sandstone and is one of the must-visit spots in this country. The footprints are of Dinosaurs who lived 200 Million Years ago. It has footprints of three and maybe six different species of dinosaurs. If you look carefully you will a lot of details on the footprints. The footprints can be found in the north of Hlotse.
  • Home To Adventurous Spots: Lesotho has the only two ski resorts in Southern Africa. From Mountain Biking, Skiing, Quad Biking, Hiking, Mountain Biking, and a lot more for the adventurous people. You can experience the African Snow and do some crazy things like mountain skiing, snowboarding, and of course, enjoy the view that you get up on the Top! It also has amazing accommodation and the food is also delicious.
  • Sani Pass: Sani Pass 4×4 routes in the world which are very challenging but exciting at the same time. It is situated between the KZN and Lesotho. If you go there be prepared for everything. From bad weather, treacherous conditions, and snow. The pass begins at 1,544 meters (5,065 feet) and ends at 2,876 meters (9,435 feet). This would be definitely a thrilling ride for you!
  • Culture and People: Basotho people have one of the most unique cultures. One of them is the Basotho blanket. Anywhere you go in the country you see people dressed in woollen blankets. Lesotho has a cold climate for the most part of the year and this garment is ideal at that time. Most of the villages are located high in the Mountains. The villages are categorized in a particular way. Each part is made up of kraals. Now kraals mean a collection of buildings that belongs to one family. Some are used for cooking, some used for sleeping, and one for storing. Many crops are cultivated here including wheat, onions, sorghum, beans, and a lot more! You will also see the Basotho pony which is the main means of transport in the mountains. The people you meet here are the nicest and everyone will greet you with a smile. They respect everyone and are mostly calm.

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Yes, I want to visit Lesotho! How can apply for the Visa?

People who want to visit Lesotho must apply Lesotho Visa beforehand. If you come under a Lesotho visa-exempt country then you do need any visa. You will get a visa-free entry in Lesotho. You need to apply for the Lesotho Tourist Visa. You can get 44 Days or 90 Days Tourist Visa. You need to fulfil all the Lesotho Visa Documents Requirements to apply for the visa. Visit Tourist Visa Online where you get a visa by filling easy documents and less paperwork. Tourist Visa Online provides 24x7 Customer Support and gives a secure online transaction. We have a team of experts who verifies all your documents. If they found anything incorrect in your form they will correct it themselves. In this way, your application will never get rejected. Through us, you can Track Your Visa Status Online easily. If you want a visa on an urgent basis then will provide you with the visa in less then 48 hours. We guarantee that you will receive the visa easily through us.


1) What do you call someone from Lesotho?

Ans: Lesotho people are known as Basotho people.

2) Do the Lesotho Government provides an e-Visa facility to the people?

Ans: Yes, the Lesotho Government does provide an e-Visa facility to the people. To apply for the visa you need to fill the online application form and meet all the visa requirements.

3) Is Lesotho safe to visit?

Ans: Yes, Lesotho is considered safe to visit with your family and friends. Misbehave or theft with the tourists is rare but, you need to be alert all the time. 

4) What makes Lesotho special?

Ans: It is the only country to sit entirely at 1000m above sea level. Because of this unique speciality, it is also known as the ‘Kingdom In the Sky’ It also has 300 days of sunshine.

5) Is Lesotho poor or rich?

Ans: Lesotho is actually a poor country. It is considered a lower-middle-income country.

6) What is the Lesotho language?

Ans: The Official language of Lesotho is Sesotho (or Southern Sesotho).

7) Why You Should Visit Lesotho?

Ans: You should visit Lesotho because it’s a unique culture, history, mountains, archaeology, adventurous spots, tasty food, and friendly people.

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