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Nationals of the following 49 countries do not require a visa to enter Lesotho for visits up to 90 days and Also Nationals of the following 22 countries do not require a visa to enter Lesotho for visits up to 14 days. Lesotho is a beautiful country with natural beauty with ten endangered species and has discovered two new species! This country within a country is a hidden gem. People dearly call it the “mountain kingdom of Africa”. One can find many beautiful spots to visit that will let the person indulge in and understand the ethnicity of the Africans. It has 99 percent of the ethnic population. One can view “Maletsunyane falls”, “Kome caves”, “Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village” and many more. 

There are 49 lucky countries where the citizens do not require a visa to go to Lesotho for a visit of three months or ninety days. Tourists of twenty-two other nations also do not need a visit visa for 14 days. 

The following 49 Lesotho visa free countries are:

  1.  Ireland
  2. Israel
  3. Namibia 
  4. Mauritius
  5. Malta
  6. Nauru
  7. Singapore
  8. Solomon Islands
  9. South Africa
  10.  Sri Lanka
  11.  Tanzania
  12.  Tuvalu
  13.  Hong Kong
  14.  Belize
  15.  Bangladesh 
  16.  Kenya
  17.  Brunei
  18.  Bahamas
  19.  Japan
  20.  South Korea
  21.  Cameroon
  22.  Botswana
  23.  Guyana
  24. Tonga
  25. Uganda
  26. Vanuatu 
  27. Zambia
  28. Zimbabwe
  29. San Marino
  30. Papua New Guinea
  31. Saint Lucia
  32. Saint Vincent and Grenadines
  33. San Marino
  34. Sierra Leone
  35. Jamaica
  36. Kenya
  37. Trinidad and Tobago
  38. Uganda
  39. Dominica
  40. The Gambia
  41. Grenada
  42. Malaysia
  43. Maldives
  44. Samoa
  45. Seychelles
  46. Kiribati 
  47.  Uganda
  48.  Barbados
  49.  Saint Kitts and Nevis

The twenty-two nations that do not require any visa fourteen-days are: 

  1.  United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Austria
  4. Australia
  5. Belgium
  6. Canda
  7. Italy
  8. Luxembourg
  9. Netherlands
  10. Norway
  11. Denmark
  12. Finland
  13. Iceland
  14. Germany
  15. Spain
  16. Sweden
  17. Portugal
  18. Switzerland
  19. Denmark
  20. Canada
  21. Cyprus
  22. France

Apart from the countries on the list, one needs to have a visa for visiting or business purposes in the country. The best website to apply for a visa to Lesotho is Touristvisaonline. It guarantees the applicants a visa and is trustworthy. 

It just takes three effortless procedures to apply for the visa through Touristvisaonline. One can also check the status online.

General requirements for attaining a visa:

There are a few requirements to attain a visa for Lesotho. They are: 

  1. The validity of the passport has to be at least three months. 
  2. One’s passport must have a minimum of two blank pages. 
  3. A dull or matt finish photograph with a white background must be submitted while applying for a visa.
  4. One has to remember that the picture has a neutral expression and without any headgear, turban, or eye-glasses.
  5. The applicant of the visa has to document the confirmed air tickets of the round trip.

Frequently asked queries about Lesotho visa-free countries:

Q. If I have a passport from Lesotho, can I go to other countries without a visa?

 Yes, there are seventy-three countries that a citizen of Lesotho can visit without a visa. He or she can avail of a visa on arrival with the passport. 

 Q. Does it snow in this “mountain kingdom of Africa”?

 A few parts are covered in snow in the winters in Lesotho. The eastern Lesotho experiences snow and ice. It is generally cooler than other countries on the African continent. 

 Q. What is the ideal time to travel to this enclaved country?

 The most pleasant and ideal time of the year to visit the country in March to April or September to October. The perceptibility and climate are the best in these months. 

Q. Is the country safe for people to travel in?

The country is mostly safe for travelers. There might be a few risks of scams and con men or pickpockets. It is not as bad as the reputation of its border country of South Africa. 

Q. What can I buy in this ethnic country as souvenirs?

One can purchase handicrafts like tapestries, baskets, beads of clay, painting generally found in the rock. As 99% of the population is ethnic, the essence of the items remains authentic.



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