do i need a visa for lesotho

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There is a common question that people always ask before they decide to go to Lesotho and the question goes as ’do I need a visa for Lesotho ’. This question is for sure to arise among people especially if you are going for the first time to Lesotho. But now you need not worry about this question, as you will get it answered in this article. Also, you can check the Lesotho visa policy to get detailed information on the same. Tourist visa online is always here to solve your entire queries do that you will be left with none during your application. So do stay with us till the end to check out all the possible questions that a first-timer would ask!


Q. Is Lesotho a part of South Africa?

Yes, Lesotho is a part of South Africa and is a country located in this part. Maseru is the capital as it is one of the largest cities in this country.

Q. Do I need to take a South African visa to go to Lesotho?

There is no such thing as a South Africa visa. South Africa is part of the continent and has countries inside it. Lesotho is one of them. All of these countries located in the South African regions will need you to take a different visa. This is why going to Lesotho will require a Lesotho visa and you cannot enter if you have an Eswatini visa.

Q. Is Lesotho visa available for all of the countries?

No matter which country you are from you can get access to the Lesotho visa. But the thing is that only some will require a visa to go to Lesotho while the others wouldn’t need one. These countries that do not require a visa comes under the Lesotho visa exemptions which have been implemented by the government. 

Q. Which countries come under the visa-free list?

There are about 71 countries in total that do not require a visa. With about 49 countries that can stay for about 90 days and the other 22 countries whose citizens can stay for 44 days. All o these countries will only require a passport and will not need a visa to go to Lesotho.

Q. Do all of the citizens whose countries’ names have been put up on the list get a yellow fever vaccination done?

A yellow fever vaccination is one of the documents that have to be submitted along with the application form. But not all of the people need to get this vaccination. There are some of the countries that have been listed to get the yellow fever vaccination done before going to Lesotho. The list of countries that need to fulfill this can be given as follows:

Angola Benin Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Central African Republic
Chad Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Cote d’Ivoire Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia
Gabon Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau Kenya Liberia
Mali Mauritania Niger Nigeria Senegal Sierra Leone
South Sudan Sudan Togo Uganda Argentina Bolivia
Brazil Colombia Ecuador French Guiana Guyana Panama
Paraguay Peru Suriname Trinidad and Tobago Venezuela  

All of the nationals of these countries are recommended to take a vaccination. Apart from these nationals, the children who belong to the age group below six months are also needed to necessarily take a vaccination.

Q. If I need a visa, is an electronic visa possible to be taken?

Yes if you do not belong to the visa-exempt countries then you can avail of the visa through an online medium which means that yes you can take an electronic visa.

Q. Is work visa available for Lesotho, if yes, what are the conditions that I need to fulfill?

Yes, a work visa is definitely available for Lesotho that allows you to stay for an extended period of time. However, you will have to give a copy of the work permit to avail of this visa service. This work permit is possible to get only when you get a residential card issued for yourself.

Q. What are the things that one needs to have in order to enter Lesotho?

In order to get into Lesotho, you will have to get a visa, a passport, all other travel documents, a return flight ticket, an itinerary of all the activities that will be conducted in Lesotho.

With this the do I need a visa for Lesotho along with other commonly asked questions that have been answered! Now go ahead and apply for a Lesotho visa yourself!

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