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Lesotho can be visited by a Senegalese passport holder. However, a passport holder of Senegal can equally get a visa with its new electronic visa activities. Sanegelas passport holders can now travel to Lesotho without a problem and physical harassment. Yes, there is no need to stand in a long queue of the embassy as well as any public servicer. Now get a visa officially by sitting in your home. This e-visa service has helped millions of citizens of Senegalese. Check here, how to fill the application form and get the visa online with a very reasonable fee. 



The Republic of Senegal is an old French country. Later Found in Western Africa, the country consists of 14 territories. It is surrounded by the border of Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Mali and Mauritania. Among them, the largely crucial territories are Dakar, Thiès and Diourbel. The great country is the 34th largest country of Africa with an  area of 196,712 square kilometres, bringing it to one of the medium-sized countries of the continent. The climatic condition is tropically hot and humid, with a slightly dried and rainy season. The terrain is characterized by low rolling plains and in the southeast. Senegal is also considered an evolving and expanding tourist destination delivering numerous tourists. This is also famous for its wilderness and ancient social cities. There are altogether  7 UNESCO world heritage sites in Senegal. Including the main tourist attractions are beautiful beaches and safaris. Some of the main destinations to visit are 

  • Goree Island
  • the capital Dakar, 
  • Pink Lake
  • Louis
  • Cap Skirring and the Senegal River

However, an average of  1.3 million tourist visitors visit the country per year on average.



The citizen of any country who wishes to visit the Kingdom of Lesotho on a visa category which is specified in the list of visa approval should obtain a visa first through the Lesotho e-visa system (online). The Citizens of the kingdom of Lesotho, who have visa abolishment contracts with Lesotho and citizens of some  54 Commonwealth countries are exempt from this rule. However, the immigrant visa application will only be instructed and moved forward by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Lesotho and the  Head Office in Maseru(the capital of Lesotho). The Lesotho visa is a very important part by which the immigrants can enter the city and live there, till the visa gets a denial date. 

Document s required for Lesotho visa for Senegalese citizen 

  • One should have a cagal and updated passport.
  • One will need photographs, a  passport-sized photo 
  • A  Travel Ticket for You will need to provide documentation for your return ticket from Lesotho.
  • Accommodation Details or Invitation Letter of your Lesotho address. One should provide valuable information about the location you will be staying in while in Lesotho.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine Certificate, it is important to verify that the travel passenger is fully vaccinated for the Yellow Fever Virus, this is regarding medical fitness assessment of the passenger because several regions of Africa pose a higher risk for the yellow virus.
  • Online payment services are available all over the via service.  To pay for the required visa application, make sure to have a valid credit or debit card ready which accepts international transactions. 


  1. Visit the official website of Tourist Visa Online,  select“Apply Now”  to configure your email address and phone number. Once you get registered. Give the OTP and you’re ready with the configuration process.
  2. Once you have completed filling the basic information Visa Application form of Lesotho’s kingdom -click the “Application” link above. Fill all the required questions honestly.
  3. Upload the documents required by the visa service  - to upload the  Required document depends on the visa category, make sure the documents are scanned and in jpg or pdf format.
  4. Make Visa Payment for the required visa type - however, one will be getting the  Complete billing information as well as confirm agreement terms and submit the payment. After you complete the procedure, you will get an email regarding the payment status.
  5. The travellers will receive an email notification on their own given number as well as on email from the verified websites.



Senegalese citizens can find this article helpful and informative. Learn this article and get to know more about the no.1 visa service company Tourist visa online. Apply in TVO, and enjoy e-visa service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, one can copy the data from Microsoft words etc, and paste it to the application forms. However, if the person tries to keep a copy of the application, the confidential information will not be transmitted over for viewing. The appliers are only allowed to see the complete application when he/she logged into their profile with correct credentials.

For this procedure, one must first log in to your profile. One can delete the documents or attach the documents to the required visa application any time until it is submitted. Once the application form is submitted, the applicant must give a call to the help desk to confirm that all the information was updated before the application is completed.

Lesotho launched the policy of e-visa or online visa on May 1 1976.  This made it manageable and simple for travellers, travelling from several countries to Lesotho. Any traveller or immigrant can apply for a tourist visa, business visa, student visa and diplomatic visa types online through the e-visa system, by sitting at home. This visa system helped so many people to get their visas without facing majority issues. However, these visas are Electronic visas,   these visas proceed within 72 hours. The immigrants with multiple entry visas to the kingdom of  Lesotho may stay in the city for a maximum duration of 44 days. 

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