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How to check Uganda Visa Status online must be a query many might have after applying for a visa. Even though you have applied for your Uganda visa online, you must be having the doubt of how to check your visa status, and whether it can be done online? Yes, your visa status to Uganda is kept transparent and all stages of approval are shown through Tourist Visa Online. Even though you can receive you Uganda visa in less than 48 hours once applied, you can always keep a track by checking its status online at any given point of time.


  • Why is applying online for an Uganda Visa advantageous
  • How to Check Uganda Visa Status Online
  • How to Submit your documents correctly
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How to Check Uganda Visa Status Online

Once you have successfully applied for your visa to Uganda through the online platform of Tourist Visa Online, you can sit back and relax as your Uganda evisa is processing for a period of five days. You will receive your visa statuses and the Uganda visa in your registered email ID with Tourist Visa Online (which you have already mentioned in your Uganda Visa application form).

Yet, if you still wish to keep a track of all your applied visas, then it is very easy to do so anytime you like. Just visit Tourist Visa Online in order to check your visa status as we keep a track of all the approval stages of your documents and papers in order to ensure that any form of rejection does not occur.

Under ‘check your visa status online’ you will be asked to mention two major yet unique numbers which will indicate and help in identifying your visa application quickly:

Mention your Passport number: each valid passport of any country has a unique number or code which reciprocates the identity of the candidate. In this case, you need to mention the passport number of the same passport which you have submitted as a document proof to Tourist Visa Online.

Mention your Uganda Visa Application Number: Each visa application is given a number which is unique to it. This helps the embassy in keeping a track of all the visa applications it receives each year.

Once you have given these two criteria, you can see the status and the approval stages of your visa.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a Visa status available for all types of Uganda visas?

Yes, provided that you are applying through an online platform, you can always see the status of your Uganda Visa by entering your passport number and basic visa application details. Be it an Uganda e-visa or an Uganda Tourist visa applied for online, you will receive a status while it is being approved.

Q. Which Uganda Visas are available for tourists wanting to visit Uganda?

Uganda has an Uganda Tourist Visa, which in itself has its sub-types among which you can choose one. It is available on a single entry and multiple entry basis, along with different stay duration (6-12 month stay, 24 months stay and 36 months and above stay).

Thus, depending on if you are planning to live for more than a month, then definitely apply for one of those Uganda Tourist visas which have a long term duration, otherwise, you can go for a regular single entry Tourist visa to Uganda for a short yet memorable vacation.

Q. Where can I find my application ID and my passport number?

Your Uganda visa application number is sent in your email registered with Tourist Visa Online. Go through the mail which was received by you if you are confused about your application number. This number is also mentioned on your visa application form.

Your passport number is always provided at the front page of your valid passport. Every passport holder, be it a citizen of any country, has a unique passport number.

Q. Why is applying online for an Uganda Visa advantageous?

Applications and applying process for an Uganda Visa is available on both online and offline sources, yet, technology has made it easier to do this tedious process, quicker. With the many pros, online method of application has over gone to the embassy, one can never go wrong while applying through Tourist Visa Online:

  • Submitting all your documents online is an easier process than keeping many copies of the same paper. Instead, the same scan can send multiple times, wherever required.
  • You are not required to even leave your house when it comes to applying for your Uganda visa online. All your documents and forms can be filled from your home itself.
  • You save all the travel costs and going to the embassies which may not be situated in your city either, making it even more difficult to obtain a visa offline.
  • A track of all the submissions and stages is kept, which is exactly what is shown when you ask for the status of your Uganda visa.

Q. How can I ensure that I have submitted my documents correctly?

With checking statuses, you must be wondering how to eliminate rejections which can be a big possibility in the future. Thus, if you are applying online then the quality of scans is the utmost criteria to follow. Ensure that:

  • The scans that you do of all the documents can be in any format available. Tourist Visa Online accepts all types of image and file formats of the documents, be it jpg, png or even pdfs.
  • It is advisable to keep each scan below a size of 8mb in order to speed up the process of uploading your documents easily.
  • It is also a good option to avoid black and white scans in any case if possible. Sometimes, legibility of a scan decreases in a black and white scan. Thus, coloured scans are preferred at the government level as well.
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