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It must have crossed your mind on “How to apply online for an Uganda Visa” once your travel plans have been fixed. Doing anything online can seem a bit risky and daunting at first, but with Tourist Visa Online, be calm as every step is explained in detail, eliminating any confusion on your way to obtaining an Uganda Visa. With this guide, you can easily go through an online applying process of approving your Uganda eVisa.


  • Online visas available to travel to Uganda
  • Uganda e-visa and its applying process
  • The submission process of all the documents necessary for an Uganda Visa
  • Frequently Asked Queries

Online visas available to travel to Uganda

Uganda Tourist Visas are available for almost citizens of any country. Tourist Visa Online provides you with an Uganda Tourist Visa on a budget and quicker than going through all the redoing and revisions at the embassy.


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Uganda e-visa and its applying process

Applying through an online platform for any visa is easier than it seems. Yes, a new coming of age technology may seem a bit intimidating to try at first, considering your money is involved as well.

However, trustworthy online visa platforms ensure that your Uganda visa will be approved and received by you within the specified time period so that your journey is enjoyable and without any problems. 

With just a few simple steps anyone can easily apply for an Uganda visa online:

Visit Tourist Visa Online: Go to Tourist Visa Online and land at its home page.

Select your countries: On an entering field, you will be asked to provide your native country, the country you are currently living in and the country you wish to go to I.e. Uganda.

Select your Visa type: Upon hitting enter, you will be directed to a new page wherein you can see all the available Uganda Visas based upon your current living situations. The cost along with the validity of the visa is also mentioned alongside it. 

Select the Uganda Visa you are comfortable with.

Submit all your documents: The list of documents will be provided to you as soon as you select your Uganda Visa type. Note that the scans you submit in this case must be clear and legible. The format of submitting these scans can be anything accessible (jpg, zip or any other image format type, even pdfs are acceptable by Tourist Visa Online).

Pay for the Uganda Visa: Tourist Visa Online accepts any and all forms of online payment options for your Uganda Visa application. Pay with the way you always do and all your steps are complete!

Check your status: As you await for your Uganda Visa, you can check its status anytime online itself. It usually takes from 3 days to up to a week to get any visa approved and achievable. In the meantime, you can always come back to Tourist Visa Online to check its approval status.


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Submission process of all the documents necessary for an Uganda Visa

You must be wondering about the correct process of submitting your documents online. If you have never applied for a visa online and this is your first time, then fret not, as keeping a few pointers in mind will be helpful in removing any further complications in your visa application and approvals:

  • Ensure that when you are submitting the documents, all the details in it are complete and clearly stated.
  • If you are required to do a scan of any paper, know that it is better to have a coloured scan of it instead of a black and white one. 
  • Any format of the file is acceptable on Tourist Visa Online, thus you need not worry whether its a jpg or a pdf or any other file format.
  • The lighter the file size, the better it will be to upload it for the approval process.

Frequently Asked Queries

Q. Is an Uganda Visa available online just for those foreigners who are travelling to Uganda for tourism purposes?

No. Anyone wishing to travel to Uganda for purposes related from travel, medical/patient treatment, studying or even visiting their relatives living in Uganda are allowed to choose the visa approval application process online. Even if you are just visiting Uganda for a small holiday, you can apply for a Uganda Visa online.

Q. How is applying online for my Uganda visa helpful to me?

Applying online for any visa has its own set of pros to look out for:

  • Visas are easily approved if you apply online.
  • Even if any redoing or revisions do come up, it is easier to correct them right away from your home itself.
  • Your documents are cross-checked at many levels so that once it goes to the embassy for your visa approval, there is no rejection.
  • Documents are easily scanned in these days, and once scanned, they are always in your device, thus soft copies can never be misplaced or lost in any case. 
  • Paying for your visa is easier as the money can directly be transferred from your bank accounts online.

Q. How can I know if I am eligible for a visa to Uganda or if I can travel visa-free there?

Uganda as a country does allow citizens of many countries to travel to Uganda visa-free. If you belong to one of these countries, you can definitely skip all the visa application processes in order to travel to Uganda:

Angola Lesotho Botswana Zimbabwe Kenya
Comoros Jamaica Malta Ghana Singapore
Fiji Antigua Barbados St. Vincent-Tonga Sierra Leone
Malawi Gambia Solomon Islands, The Grenadines Kenya Vanuatu
Madagascar Grenada Swaziland Rwanda Tanzania
Mauritius Bahamas Ireland Belize Eritrea
Seychelles Cyprus Libya Burundi  

If you still do not belong in this list, then definitely check whether you are applicable for Uganda Visa on arrival or not. In such a case, you can get your Uganda Visa after you have successfully arrived in Uganda.

Q. Can I opt for a student visa to Uganda if I am residing in a country I am not born in?

Some additional papers become necessary when you are not living at the place you are not born in. In such a case if you wish to opt for an Uganda Student Visa, then you will be asked to submit a residency permit of the place you are currently living in. 

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