Guide to Missionary Visa for Uganda

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Uganda is one of the fast-growing economic countries in South Africa which is well known for its business another volunteer work and other missionary work. The residents of Uganda is generally very accommodating and are friendly. Even before Uganda had many missionaries and volunteers coming from foreign countries to work in the non governmental organizations of Uganda. There are many people who come to Uganda to study or to look after the educational institutions as volunteers or missionaries and also to look after the churches of Uganda. But for this a missionary or a volunteer needs ah visa which is suitable for him so that he can visit Uganda without any hassle.

Tourist visa online helps you to process your visa and apply for the missionary visa and also tells you about the details of the visa while you are applying for it. Tourist visa online will guide you through the process and will also inform you about what are the documents that you require when you will be applying for the missionary visa to Uganda.

The businessman and other people have to go through a lot Of hurdles to get the visa offline if they are applying through the embassy or the consulate or they are waiting to get a visa on arrival at the airport of Uganda. If a person applies for the visa to Uganda online through tourist visa online then he or she will receive all kinds of sources that he will need to know while he is applying for the visa.


What is Missionary Visa?

Missionary Visa Work permits in Uganda are the visas given to those who want to volunteer or work in the missionaries or in the non governmental organizations in Uganda. These work permits for the visas are actually given by the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) through the Immigration Control Department.

The person who will be applying for this kind of missionary or the volunteer visa must be approved by the non governmental organization under the laws of Uganda. These kind of work permits are generally issued by the organization itself Provided that the organization must have a Mandatory organization code. 

Applicant may apply for the work permit as per the rules And the contract. That is the time in which he or she is exactly working for the non governmental organization as a volunteer or a missionary. 

Work permits in Uganda are generally for different kinds of time duration. It can be for 6 months or 12 months or 24 months or even it can be for 36 months. The cost for the application of the visa depends on the time duration.


Fees depending oh the time and the duration of stay

If a person thinks of staying for 6 months, then the cost for his visa application is 125 USD. Now if he thinks of staying there for twelve months then the cost for the visa application is 250 USD. If the applicant things that he will be staying in Uganda for this work visa for 24 months then he has to pay 500 USD. If it extends up to 36 months then the fee for the visa application is 750 USD.

One thing should be noted that the fees can change according to the government rules and regulations at anytime. It will be decided at the beginning of the financial year and everyone should follow it.


Documents required for applying the missionary visa to Uganda online

  • Applicant should have the cover letter with him.
  • He should also have the valid passport which should have the validity For at least six months.
  • Two passport size photographs are a must and he should carry it without any fail.
  • A duly completed application form should be filled by the applicant and that is the most important part.
  • The applicant should carry with him or her the letter issued by the employing company based in Uganda.
  • As a proof, the applicant should bring the copy of NGO organization.
  • There should be the proof of the police background check of the residential country of the applicant.
  • There should be the proof of criminal record report of the home country of the applicant.
  • The applicant needs to bring the proof of his highest degree of qualifications or any other proof of job he or she was doing in his or her home country.

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