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An Uganda Visa for United States Citizens can be easily approved of through the online process and visas provided by Tourist Visa Online. It can be a mesmerizing experience to see the natural beauty of the earth, and what better place than enjoying it than in Uganda? With the various Uganda Visa Types, you can easily travel with your family or your relatives to Uganda without any worries at any point in time.


  • Uganda Visas available for Passport holders of the United States
  • How to Apply for an Uganda Visa through Tourist Visa Online
  • Documents necessary for a citizen of the US in applying for an Uganda Visa
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Uganda Visas available for Passport holders of the United States

Being born in the United States of America and planning to have a visit to Uganda? The most common Uganda Visa applied for by the people of the US is the Uganda Tourist Visa.

An Uganda Tourist Visa is a single entry visa, available for your vacation which can last for a period of 90 days in total. This visa is easily available online, thus removing all the travelling problems that you might have had to otherwise face if you decide to apply offline (through an embassy).

Documents necessary for a citizen of the US in applying for an Uganda Visa

Following are the documents required for Uganda Visa:

  • A Valid US Citizen Passport 

A passport of the provided to you by the government of the US is to be compulsorily shown for every single US Citizen travelling to Uganda under any type of Uganda Visa.

  • Passport recently clicked photographs

Ensure that the pictures you send must be as recent as possible, and must be professionally clicked.

  • Hotel Bookings

Uganda government will ensure where and for how long you will be staying. In order to show the proof of the same, a hotel booking is to be done beforehand for the dates of your vacation in Uganda.

  • Vaccinations and medications

Ensure that you do not have any major medical conditions while travelling to Uganda from the US. A Yellow Fever vaccination is a must for all the candidates travelling with you to Uganda. A medical paper of the same is to be submitted as well to prove your test.

How to Apply as a US Citizen for an Uganda Visa through Tourist Visa Online 

Tourist Visa Online helps you in applying for any visa application correctly, aiding and cross-checking each information many times in order to minimize the chances of rejection of your Uganda visa application.

Although re-applying is easier when you are applying online (as only correct scans are to be sent again from the comfort of your home in the US itself), it is still better to cross-check all the list of documents you will be required to submit in order to apply for a Tourist Visa, 90 days, to Uganda on a single entry basis. 

Step 1: Go to Tourist Visa Online. You will see three drop-down menu selections in the top section itself.

Step 2: Select the country you wish to travel, Uganda, and also mention the country you are a citizen of and the country you are currently living in.

Step 3: once you hit ‘apply’, you will be directed to a new web page mentioning in a table all the Uganda visas you can choose from.

Step 4: Submit all the papers necessary for your Uganda Visa and pay with any mode of online money transfer you wish to go with.

Step 5: Meanwhile you wait for your visa to Uganda, you can cross-check its tracking by checking its status online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My passport is about to expire in 5 months, can I still apply for an Uganda Visa?

It is best to have a valid US passport throughout your journey time to Uganda (including flights from the US to Uganda and back to the US). Thus, before applying for your Uganda Visa, it is always better to cross-check its validity period. Even if your journey to Uganda is only lasting for a month, it is best to follow the guideline given of 6-month validity of your US passport.

Q. Uganda airports can provide me with an Uganda Visa on Arrival?

A famous Uganda international airport frequently used by tourists to land in Uganda is the Entebbe International Airport and it provides a visa on arrival facility to US citizens. Along with this international airport, a few landmarks in the border of Uganda also have this facility. However, taking a flight to Uganda on an approved Uganda Visa is still accepted to be the safest option in foreign travelling.

Q. I have successfully received my Uganda e-visa in my email. Do I need to print it out and keep my other documents with me as well as I go to Uganda?

No, it is not necessary to take all of your documents with you to Uganda except for your passport. Although not mandatory, it is still better to have a print of your Uganda e-visa in order to present it whenever ti is asked from you. 

Q. Can I apply for an East Africa Visa with the same documents required for a regular Uganda Tourist Visa?

Yes, your US passport validated, an Uganda visa application form, hotel bookings and flight tickets along with yellow fever vaccinations are the only proofs you will need. However, in addition to these, you will be required to show an itinerary planned beforehand (either by you or a travel agency) as an East African Visa takes you to three countries, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, thus in the midst, they would not want you to go into any other country. Thus an Itinerary is necessary for this visa.

Q. I wish to avail any Uganda Multiple entry visas, which one can I apply for online?

Uganda Tourist Visas have its own types, both single and multiple entry terms. If you wish to travel to Uganda and go on a multiple entry visa, then definitely go for an online application of one of the multiple entry Uganda Tourists Visas. Their duration are 6-12 months, 24 months and even as long as 36 months on one single visa, allowing you multiple entries to Uganda and back to your native country or some other country

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