uganda visa types

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Having a list of all the Uganda Visa Types can be helpful in the long run. Planning a trip to a country you do not know anything about can get tricky. Add on the visa approvals of your family members, and you will ever be confused in which Uganda Visa to opt for. By knowing the details of each Uganda Visa type available, you can never go wrong in the pre-planning process for an amazing vacation:

uganda visa types


  • Types of Uganda Visas
  • Validity period and extension of each Uganda Visa
  • List of Visas to Uganda which can be applied Online
  • Which is the right Uganda visa type for each individual
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Types of Uganda Visa

The Republic of Uganda offers five different types of Visas depending upon the time of stay of a candidate. The subdivisions in each visa type to Uganda makes it easier to understand the validity period of each Uganda Visa. The visa types to Uganda you can choose from are:

  • Tourist Visa to Uganda
  • Multiple Entry Tourist Visas
  • East African Tourist Visa
  • Uganda Student Visas
  • Visa on Arrival to Uganda

East African Tourist Visa

This visa type is only applicable if you are wanting to visit various East African countries and Rwanda specifically all at once. an East African Tourist Visa allows citizens of many countries to visit Uganda along with Kenya and Rwanda on a multiple entry basis.

However, you must know that you must be within the territory of these three countries itself (Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya), if you go out from these three countries during your visa validation period, it will be considered expired.

Being within great social and economic ties with these countries, citizens of these foreign lands have it easy when it comes to approving an Uganda Visa. Although these countries are also eligible for an Uganda Visa on Arrival, it is always advised by experience to opt for a visa beforehand, even if you do fall in the Uganda visa on arrival eligibility criteria.

Uganda Student Visa

If you wish to study in Uganda and do NOT belong to one of the East African Cooperation countries, then you must have a valid Uganda Student Visa for the whole tenure of your college or school education.

For the same, a place of stay and the financial proof is to be shown as an added paper, also, you must be of the studying age in order to apply for this visa type. In order to apply for a Student Visa to Uganda, you also should have an offer letter from one of the recognized Uganda educational institutes.

Uganda Visa on Arrival

A visa on arrival to Uganda is available for almost all the countries of the world. Somalia is the only country whose citizens cannot avail an Uganda Visa on Arrival, otherwise, a citizen of any other country can have this as a visa option in order to fly to Uganda. 

A Visa on Arrival is applicable for citizens of almost all countries of the world, however, since it involves a bit of risk (as you will be required to take all of your papers with you to Uganda), it is advised to opt for a visa beforehand. 

Uganda Electronic Visa

With technology making the way of the world easier, no wonder it has made visa bookings convenient as well. With agencies like Tourist Visa Online, you can be free from the troubles of applying and approving for your Uganda Visa. 

Uganda E-visas are available to all the countries of the world. An Uganda Tourist Visa is the most common visa opted as an e-visa to travel to Uganda by tourists and foreigners. Tourist Visa Online provides you with your Uganda Visa easily at the comfort of your own home. 

Types of Multiple Entry Visas to Uganda

  • 6-12 month duration
  • 24 months of duration
  • 36 months duration

A Multiple Entry Tourist visas to Uganda works the same way as a general tourist visa, meaning this has a validity of 60 days as well. One thing to note while opting for this visa type is that the multiple entry facility is to be done within a month of the first entry. Your second entry must be done within a span of 30 days from your first entry to Uganda.

A Six-month Multiple Entry Visa to Uganda is perfect if you wish to visit Uganda not just for a vacation period but also meeting your relatives in Uganda and staying with them.

Another Multiple Entry visa option allows you to stay in Uganda for up to two years, making it perfect for long term stays.


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Validity Period and Details of the Uganda Visas

Since Uganda divides its visas on the basis of time, the following details will make it easier for you to choose any Uganda EVisa for your next trip:

Uganda Tourist Visas

A general Uganda Tourist Visa is taken on a single entry basis in the foreign lands for a period of two months at a maximum stretch time. This is the first option for foreigners who wish to visit Uganda with their relatives for a family vacation or just for enjoying themselves.

Uganda Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

If you think that your vacation will have an event where you might need to go back and forth from your country to Uganda, then it will be a boon to know that Uganda also offers Multiple Entry Tourist Visas for those who wish to travel back and forth from Uganda to some other country. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is East African Cooperation, and how does that affect my Uganda Visa Type choices?

Popularly known as East African Community as well, the East African Cooperation is an alliance created by six different yet geographically close countries. These countries are situated near and around the Great African Lakes. 

This cooperation of East African countries was solely created for the development of all the countries economically and make them financially sound. The countries and citizens of the same, if they wish to visit Uganda and stay there for studying and education, then they do not require an Uganda Visa at hand.

Q. Which countries are included in the East African Cooperation?

The countries belonging to the Great African lakes regions and nearby to these areas. The countries included in the East African Community are:

Burundi Kenya Rwanda
South Sudan Tanzania Uganda

Q.Which Uganda visa types can I apply online?

You can apply for a Tourist Visa to Uganda on a single entry basis for a period of a total of 90 days, all online. With a processing time of only five to seven days, you can receive your visa in your own email inbox itself. 

Q.What are the basic documents required to be submitted for an online Uganda e visa?

Since all the documents are to be submitted online, you must keep in mind that all the documents must be a scan in any format you wish them to be (jpg, png, pdf etc.). 

A valid passport scan of the front and back pages, photographs in passport-sized formats along with your application form of an Uganda visa, duly filled are the basic requirements for any Uganda Visa option. Flight tickets and staying proofs (reservations and hotel accommodations) are an add on asked frequently as well.

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