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With the correct choice of visa comes the documents required for an Uganda Visa. Uganda is a unique country to visit and understand the people of the lands. With your goal to visit Uganda, you have decided which Uganda visa to choose for, yet now you must be having the major question of which documents are required to Apply Uganda Visa? With the following details, it will be easier to gather all the papers necessary to get your Uganda visa approved in your first request itself.


  • Applying Process for an Uganda visa through Tourist Visa Online
  • General documents each Uganda visa type will require
  • Additional Documents which can be necessary for specific Uganda visas
  • Frequently Asked Questions

General documents each Uganda visa type will require

No matter which Uganda Visa you opt for, there will always be a similar set of documents you will be asked to fill and submit in order to receive your Uganda Visa correctly and without any errors:

  • A Scan of your valid Passport

For an Uganda Visa, the passport that you scan must be a permanent passport of the country you belong to and are currently living there. 

  • Hotel Bookings in Uganda for your stay 

On an Uganda Tourist Visa, it is necessary to book your stay place before you actually arrive in Uganda. These stay dates must fall under the validity period dates of your Uganda Visa. 

  • Photographs and Submission Details

Photographs are a must when it comes to applying for any Uganda Visa type. Make sure that the photograph you scan and submit must be a coloured one and professionally clicked. It is best to use a photograph which is recently clicked, and not an old one. Avoid any photographs which are older than two years ago. 

  • Flight Tickets

Uganda government authorities wish to ensure that you do have a safe flight to Uganda and back to your original country. Thus providing both to and fro flight tickets is a mandatory document to be submitted with all your other documents.

  • An Uganda Visa Application Form

You can receive this Visa application form for an Uganda Visa in a pdf format to fill up easily through Tourist Visa Online. Each person travelling with you must have a separate set of his or her own documents.

  • Vaccinations

All the candidates travelling to Uganda on an Uganda Visa of any type need to have a copy of their certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever. A Polio vaccination is a necessity for children travelling to Uganda who are below the age of 5 years.

Additional Documents which can be necessary for specific Uganda visas

Depending upon the Uganda Visa type you go for, you will require an add on paper scans for further clarification of your visit to Uganda:

  • Residence Permit of the country you are currently residing in 

If you are not living in your native country at the moment and wish to visit Uganda through your residence country, then you will require a proof showing that you stay in another country for a specific purpose. 

For example, if you are a citizen of India and are currently living due to work in the United States to America, then you must be having a Residency Permit wherein the US Government is allowing you to legally stay there and work, This permit is to be scanned and submitted with your other Uganda Visa documents as well if you wish to travel to Uganda from the United States of America, all the while having an Indian Passport.

  • Proof of stay (for an Uganda Student Visa)

  1. Under an Uganda Student Visa, people of the educational age can stay in Uganda till their course is completed and they receive a degree or certificate for their education. 
  2. Even a diploma course lasts for about six months, thus, you need to mention where you will be staying in Uganda during this educational tenure. 
  3. Address proof of your stay or the address of your relative's house living in Uganda will suffice in such a case.
  • Financial Backing Papers (for an Uganda Student Visa)

If you do wish to study in Uganda, then you must have enough money to support yourself financially under every circumstance throughout your tenure of study. 

If your parents will be supporting you for money and tuition fees, then their bank papers and transaction statements are good proof to keep handy in case such a document is asked from you.

Applying Process for an Uganda visa through Tourist Visa Online

Tourist Visa Online extends its Uganda Visa services to people of all the many countries of the world. Applying online will prove advantageous for you by saving you precious time, energy and extra unnecessary hassle to travel.

The only difference while applying online for an Uganda Visa will be in the way you will be submitting your documents. All the documents for an Uganda Visa remain the same in an online application. All your papers instead of being a photocopy, it will be a coloured scan in any format type (it can be jpg, png, pdf or any other format type. The only requirement is that the scan must be readable and legible).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I apply for an Uganda Visa Online?

  • Applying online through Tourist Visa Online is helpful in many ways. Rest assured as you will receive your Uganda visa within a week in your registered email which is with us. 
  • Go to Tourist Visa Online and type in your native country along with for which country you want the visa for (which is Uganda in this case). 
  • Tourist Visa Online will show you the possible Uganda Visa types you can apply for from your own home without going to the embassies. 
  • Select the visa type for Uganda you are comfortable with. Next, submitting your documents as a scan makes it easier to not go to the photocopier every time you need a fresh copy. The documents checklist available will help you in keeping a track of all the documents that you have collected and the ones which you need to submit in order to approve your Uganda Visa.
  • Pay Uganda Visa Cost. Payment is made easier with banks and transactions made possible online. Tourist Visa Online accepts all forms of online transaction methods. Thus, pay with the mode you are equipped with. This is the last step on your end.
  • As you await your Uganda Visa in your inbox, you can cross-check its status through the online portal itself. All you need to mention is your unique permanent passport number and the unique visa application form number in order to see the approval status of your visa.

Q. Are the documents for an Uganda Visa on Arrival different?

No, the documents you will have to carry will be the same as any other general Uganda Visa. The only difference seen in an Uganda Visa on arrival is that all your documents are verified and your visa to Uganda is approved after you have arrived in Uganda. However, since this has more risks in general, it is always advised to opt for a visa beforehand.

Q. Do visa-exempt citizens need any documents to travel to Uganda?

Some countries do have an exceptional case wherein they are not required to apply for any visa and can travel to Uganda Visa-free. With more than 50 countries on this list, it is a great way for citizens to travel to Uganda without any worries. You do not require anything other than your passport in order to travel to Uganda visa-free.

Q. Are there any medical documents which I need to show in order to apply for an Uganda Visa?

A Yellow fever vaccination certificate is a necessary requirement for any tourist wanting to apply for an Uganda Visa. Also, know that children under the age of five years must also have a Polio vaccination in order to travel with their parents to Uganda.

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