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Uganda Visa cost is not out of your budget, and Tourist Visa Online guarantees you the same. With the right type of Visa, anyone can visit Uganda without breaking the bank. An Uganda Tourist Visa and even an East African Visa is an advantage as you get to visit many places, under the same visa amount. With the correct and varied payment methods available online, it has become even easier to opt for an Uganda Visa online.


  • Uganda Visas and their cost
  • How to apply online and why it is in your budget
  • Frequently Asked Queries

Uganda Visas and their cost

Applying online will be in your budget with Tourist Visa Online. The most opted for Uganda Tourist Visa is available for a tourist for a period of 90 days of visa validity. 

With a processing time of just 3 to 7 days a maximum, rest and be calm as all approval stages are checked as you apply online for an Uganda Visa. A Tourist Uganda Visa costs up to 77.0 USD.

How to apply online and why it is in your budget

Applying online is simpler than what most people think of it. In fact, it has its own advantages, making it easier to receive your Uganda Visa on time and not waiting in lines and queues at the Embassy.

Tourist Visa Online guides you through each step of the process, making it convenient for even a non-tech-savvy person to apply for their Uganda Visa. The steps which are to be taken to apply online is given in brief:

  • Go to Tourist Visa Online and mention in your native country, along with the country you want to visit, which is Uganda.
  • Once you click enter, you will be taken to a new page wherein all the applicable visa to Uganda will be shown in a tabular format.
  • The cost of each visa is mentioned alongside it. 
  • Choose the visa you are comfortable with
  • Payment is accepted in all formats, be it online bank transfers, Pay Pal and even Master card. Payment is done securely and you are notified about each transaction through your mail. 

Frequently Asked Queries

Q. How do I know which Uganda Visa is perfect for my trip?

Visa to Uganda that you might want to prefer in certain scenarios are:

  • If you are wishing to travel to some other country, yet considering whether you might want to take a break and stopover, then Uganda does have an Uganda Transit visa, which is valid for one day. Perfect for people who frequently take up long hour flights and journeys, Uganda Transit Visa is also available at low rates.
  • An East African Uganda Tourist Visa is an extension of the Tourist Visa services available to travel to Uganda. This visa allows a visa holder to travel to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda in just one trip to these nature-loving places! 
  • An Uganda Tourist Visa in itself has its own sub-categories to choose from. It all depends upon the length of your stay, whether you are planning to stay for a few months or even for three years, Uganda has it all covered under one Uganda Tourist Visa, available on Tourist Visa Online.

Q. What are some benefits of travelling on an Uganda Tourist Visa?

The Uganda Tourist Visa is the most sought after visa among travellers annually. Some features of this visa which makes it an approachable one are:

  • It is a single entry visa, thus perfect for one time visits to Uganda, especially on a vacation.
  • If you are a frequent traveller, then you must feel happy to know that under Tourist Visas to Uganda, multiple entry visas are also available if you wish to stay for longer and go to other countries in the meantime as well.
  • Valid for a long time of 90 days, it is perfect for enjoying Uganda at its best.

Q. Do I need to keep print out of my online visa if I am arriving at an Uganda airport?

You must have received your Uganda Visa (be it a Tourist, Transit or even the Uganda East-African Visa) in your registered email ID. Thus, once you download it, it will always be saved in your device and secure in your mobiles whenever needed.

Although this is not a mandatory requirement, it is always better to be ready and be precautionary while taking any new experience at hand. Keeping a print out of your visa will give you easy access to show it to any authority if they request you for the same in Uganda.

Q. How can I ensure whether the payment that I am doing id going under the right account for Tourist Visa Online?

With multiple ways of accepting payments, Tourist Visa Online is there to help you in every way possible. At each step, you are notified and transparency of all transactions and papers is maintained. 

If you still find issues in paying online, 24/7 assistance is always available on our emails, all maintained by visa experts. 

Language is not an issue, as the services are available in French, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Simplifies Chinese, Arabian languages, Korean and many more.

Q. What is the best time to apply for my Uganda Visa?

If you are applying online, then you can receive your visa within three to five days of processing time taken by the Embassies to approve of your visa. Considering to keep some extra days if in case any revisions come by, the best time you can start applying for your Uganda Visa will be two weeks before your flight to Uganda.

Please note that you must keep your documents handy in order to apply in the two week time period, otherwise any delay in submission of any paper can cause you to book another flight to Uganda.


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