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Uganda Visa for Nigerian Passport holders is possible to be applied for online with Tourist Visa Online. An Uganda Tourist Visa is easily approved for Nigerian citizens. Nigerians can work in Uganda under a Business Visa as well. Depending upon your reason for visiting Uganda, you can apply online for the specific Uganda Visa from your home, Nigeria, itself.


  • Nigerian citizens and the Uganda Visas eligible for them
  • How to apply online from Nigeria for an Uganda Visa
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Nigerian citizens and the Uganda Visas eligible for them

Nigeria is close to Uganda, yet the citizens of Nigeria do need an Uganda EVisa in order to enjoy the natural aspects of Uganda. A Tourist Visa to Uganda is the most common visa type available and opted by travellers worldwide to travel to Uganda.

Nigerian passport owners can apply for all the Uganda visa online. Tourist Visa Online offers a Tourist Visa to Uganda for people born in Nigeria. If you wish to stay for a long period of time, an Uganda Visa is available for a period of 36 months in total at a maximum.

How to apply online from Nigeria for an Uganda Visa

With the aid of the world wide web, you can easily apply for an Uganda Visa online from your home Nigeria itself. Tourist Visa Online simplifies the online process of Uganda e-visa by dividing them into simple, easy to understand steps:

  • You need to visit Tourist Visa Online and mention the country you are going to (which is Uganda). You will be asked to mention your home country from the drop-down menu as well, i.e. Nigeria. This is done so that only the visas applicable for you will be shown after this step.
  • A new page will show all the Uganda visas you as a Nigerian are eligible for. Choose the Uganda Visa you wish to take up. 
  • A list of required documents will be listed. You will be asked to fill the visa application form for the Uganda Visa. 
  • Once you have submitted all the documents as a scan, you can pay for the Uganda Visa in whichever way you are comfortable with, it can be any online transaction.

As an addition to the trust of approval of your visa, you can always come back and check the status and the time it will take to approve your Uganda Visa. All you will be required to mention is the application number of your Uganda Visa application form, and also your Nigerian passport number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the different duration of stay for an Uganda Tourist Visa?

An Uganda Tourist Visa has variations depending upon how long you wish to stay in Uganda. Under this visa, you can stay in a hotel by reserving beforehand, or even at your relative's house who are already residing in Uganda.

An Uganda Tourist Visa comes both in a single and multiple entry basis. A 6 to 12-month Tourist Visa is the perfect one if you wish to stay for about a year. If you feel that your stay in Uganda will be even longer, then 24 and 36 months Uganda Tourist Visas are also available for Nigerian Citizens.

Q. How can I apply for an Uganda Visa if I am a Nigerian citizen yet I am living in some other country?

The online visa application remains the same for an Uganda Visa as a Nigerian Passport holder. You must be owning a Residence Card of the country you are living in. A scan of this Residence Card is to be submitted with other documents like a Nigerian Passport, Uganda hotel bookings, Yellow fever certificate etc.

Q. Do I need an Uganda Visa if I am travelling from Nigeria to Uganda by road?

If you plan to take a road trip to Uganda from Nigeria, then you be asked to show an approved and valid Uganda visa as soon as you arrive on the Uganda border. In any travelling commute, you will be required to have an Uganda Visa beforehand.

Q. Am I eligible as a Nigerian born citizen to apply for a visa on arrival to Uganda?

Yes, except citizens of Somalia, all other countries citizens are eligible for an Uganda Visa on Arrival. Although a visa on arrival may seem an easier option, it may prove to be more chance-taking and risky. Thus it is always said to have an Uganda Visa beforehand. You can get yours created online itself from Tourist Visa Online.

Q. Can Nigerian citizens work in Uganda?

Yes, under an Uganda Business Visa, you can easily travel to Uganda for work. An extra paper which you will need in order to prove your occupation in Uganda will be an Official Invitation from the company you will be working with in the future. 

Please know that this company or organization must be registered under the Uganda government and only people of the working-age can apply for this visa to Uganda.

Q. I do not have any medical papers to be shown, can I still apply for an Uganda Visa?

Unfortunately, a Yellow fever vaccination certificate is compulsory as a paper among other Uganda Visa documents. You can get a vaccination certificate made in any Nigerian hospital itself before you apply for your Uganda Visa. 

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