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Living in the Middle Eastern habitat, you can opt for Uganda Visa from UAE easily and efficiently. Tourist Visa Online provides Online visas to the people of UAE within a period of 5 days only. The eligible Uganda Visa for United Arab Emirates passport holders is mentioned clearly, along with the documents which you will be required to submit with the same. Applying online makes the cross-checking and tracking easier for your Uganda Visa, and UAE born people have the advantage of opting for an Uganda e-visa quicker and easier.


  • Uganda Visas applicable for UAE Citizens
  • How to apply for an Uganda Visa as a UAE Passport Holder
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Uganda Visas applicable for UAE Citizens

The citizens of the United Arab Emirates can opt for various types of Uganda Visa. A valid UAE passport, flight tickets to Uganda and hotel reservations are some of the documents which you need to get ready for an Uganda Tourist Visa.

If you wish to go for a vacation then definitely the short Term Tourist Visa to Uganda will be beneficial both at cost and at duration. With a valid period of 90 days, it is the perfect time period to stay there in Uganda and even enjoy the natural lands of the country.

If you are one of the traveller kinds who wish to enjoy at the maximum, then the East Africa Tourist Visa would give you the joy of three countries under the umbrella of a single visa. The East Africa Tourist Visa allows a candidate to travel to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda under just one visa application, approved and as a citizen of the UAE, you can easily apply it online.

How to apply Uganda Visa for UAE Passport Holder

Citizens belonging to the United Arab Emirates can Apply Uganda Visa online with Tourist Visa Online. United Tourist Visa is available at just 77 USD with a processing time of just about five days.

With a validity period of three months in total, an Uganda Tourist Visa can be applied by providing the scans of your visa application and a few other documents. You can always check the status of your visa by being in the United Arab Emirates itself, online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are people born in the United Arab Emirates eligible for a Visa on Arrival for Uganda?

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates do need an Uganda Visa beforehand in order to travel to Uganda safely. Having a visa to any country before arriving there is in any case, a safer option than taking all your documents with you to a foreign country.

Q. What documents do I need if I am applying for an Uganda e-visa as a UAE passport holder?

The basic documents required for your successful Uganda Visa application is given below. People born in the UAE can very well opt for all types of Uganda Visas provided by its government.

Please note that all of these documents must be in a scanned format. Clear and coloured scans are preferred by the government in order to approve your visa application:

  • Confirmed flight tickets from UAE to Uganda, to and fro
  • Your permanent United Arab Emirates passport
  • A Complete Uganda e-visa application
  • Passport-sized photographs in any format comfortable to you
  • Hotel bookings and the scans of your confirmed booking
  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate is a must in order to receive an Uganda Visa

Q. How much will it cost me for an Uganda Visa if I am a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, yet I live in the United States? 

A 90 days Uganda Tourist Visa will cost you 77 USD in total. However, if you are living in the United States by being a citizen for the United Arab Emirates, then an additional Residence permit of the US will be a document that you will have to submit along with your UAE passport, visa application, photographs and flight tickets.

Q. What is the correct way to scan my document in order to remove any revisions?

Being precautionary is always a better option when it comes to applying for visas. An Uganda Visa demands a completely and correctly filled visa application, which is already provided as a soft copy to you. 

Scan of the UAE passport pages must be of the front and back pages, where your general details are mentioned. Photographs must be coloured with no glare on it. All documents must come under 8mb size. Any other scans of your document must be coloured and should be easily readable.

Q. Where can I contact if I am stuck in the online process of my Uganda Visa application?

If you have applied using Tourist Visa Online, then you will be glad to hear that it has 24/7 services to cater to your needs through e-mails. You can state your query in your regional language as well, as visa experts fluent in the Arabian Languages are there to help you in any visa process required.

Q. Can I travel to Uganda with my children from the UAE under a Business Visa to Uganda?

Not all can opt for an Uganda Visa in your family. You can easily visit with your family to Uganda under an Uganda Business Visa. However, the Business visa is only applicable if you wish to work while you are staying with your family in Uganda.

Thus, you will be asked to apply for a Tourist Visa to Uganda for your kids and any other adults who will come with you but will not be working there. Note that kids under five need to show a vaccination certificate against polio in order to receive their own Uganda Visa.

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