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A question that always arises in the minds of anyone who thinks of travelling to Uganda is – Are vaccinations required for travelling to Uganda? Without much ado, coming to the conclusion of the post, yes! Vaccinations are required for anyone who is about to travel to the country of Uganda or anywhere in the continent of Africa. You Apply Uganda Visa Online and get your Visa in the Fastest processing time at

Uganda, also considered as the Pearl of Africa is rich in beauty and natural diversity. People from far off places want to visit Uganda for the witnessing this beauty and natural diversity. But as profound the country and the continent be for various reasons, it is also famous for the number of diseases they contain.

But as the inventions of science and technology rise, there is very little or no fear at all for all those adventure freaks. Each country in Africa has a list of vaccinations which is a mandatory action taken by every foreigner intending to visit and explore the countries. These vaccinations, keep the travellers safe from all the uninvited diseases and leaves them with a checked off the bucket list.

Since already mentioned, that it is required for every person travelling to Uganda, or for that matter any country in Africa, to get a list of vaccinations before entering the country, this blog will mainly focus on what vaccinations are required for travelling to Uganda? We at Tourist Visa Online, aim for the well-being of our readers and try to impart as much knowledge as we can. This blog will further discuss some preventive measures you can take whilst enjoy your trip amidst the beauty of the country.


  • What is the Vaccine?
  • Why are the Vaccines required to enter Uganda?
  • Vaccines required to enter Uganda
  • Preventive Measures for travelling across the country
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Vaccine?

Vaccination is used to give a body complete immunization to a variety of diseases which may make the immune system of the body extremely weak, leading to its serious conditions or even death. Before departing for the new adventure, every passenger must make sure to get themselves vaccinated. This may prevent much illness and even help you have fond memories of the trip.

People are generally in a dilemma, as to why take a vaccine if the trip is not a long one? Let us clear the dilemma for you. The length of your travel doesn’t decide as to if you actually need vaccinations or not. It only takes a moment when you get in contact with it either through the air, water, or insect which may make things horrible for you.

Many foreigners have never had additional vaccinations because they may be brought up in countries where there is a very low risk of being infected. For which their immunity is not built up and hence, additional vaccination is a must

Infections like malaria, typhoid, hepatitis A and hepatitis B, and many more may leave a person in an extremely serious or critical condition. It is advisable for anyone who has planned a trip to Uganda, to get a vaccination at least 6 weeks prior to the trip.

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Why are the Vaccines required to enter Uganda?

Vaccines are extremely essential when it comes to foreigners entering a country that already consists of some unwelcoming diseases. These diseases once caught by a person who doesn’t have the immunity to deal with it might lose his/her life because of the same. A vaccine for a particular disease gives your body a boost and makes you internal and external body immune to the diseases which might create a lot of trouble. Hence for a hassle-free and memorable journey, to the land of beauty, the immigration and government authorities of not only the country Uganda but also all the countries in the continent of Africa, have made it mandatory for all the foreigners to take this immunity shot/vaccinations.

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Vaccines required to enter Uganda

After understanding the meaning and reasons as to why is one required to get immunized, one must also be aware as to what vaccines are required to enter Uganda? Every country in Africa, have their own list of Vaccinations that the traveller must get. In the same way, Uganda has a long list of vaccinations for the prevention of the well-being of travellers and themselves.

As per the immigration authorities of Uganda, it is mandatory for all travellers to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever as well as malaria. Other diseases that are existing in some parts of the country Cholera, Hepatitis B, Meningitis, and Rabies. All those who have planned a stay for a longer tenure and are planning on visiting non-tourist areas or are even working closely with animals must be vaccinated for the same.

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Preventive Measures for travelling across the country

Some extra prevention one must always take while entering and exploring the country are:

  • Wearing long clothes that cover the skin. Make sure the fabric of the outfit should be heavy so that the mosquitoes do not penetrate through your clothes.
  • While on safaris or hikes, make sure to sleep under mosquito nets. Sleeping under a net may prevent you from been bitten by insects and mosquitos. This will not hamper with your health and also give you a good night’s sleep.
  • Bright colours attract insects and mosquitos. Avoid wearing bright colours while you are on a safari or a hike.
  • Insects and mosquitos, find shelter in the room while the windows and doors are open. It is preferable if you keep the windows and doors shut and also spray insecticides often, so they don’t prey on you while you are asleep.
  • Make sure to carry your own tiny medical kit. In case of emergencies, you can use it.
  • Due to the history of hepatitis A and B, it is advisable to wash and what you eat thoroughly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I feel unwell after taking travel vaccinations before my travel?

Usually, people do not have any complaints after taking travel vaccinations. However, after being injected, you might feel a little sore and have mild flu-like symptoms. People who take a yellow fever vaccine, sometimes feel flu-like symptoms as it is a live vaccine. Just for the wellness of the candidate after the vaccination, they are asked to stay back for 30 minutes or more depending on the symptoms, and in case things get worse, you will be recommended to have paracetamol.

  • Is a Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate required for anyone who is travelling to Uganda?

Yes, one of the most important documents for any passenger who is trying to get in the country of Uganda is required to submit the certificate of a Yellow Fever Vaccination.

  • Is Uganda a safe country for tourists?

Yes, Uganda is comparatively a safe country for tourists than the other countries in Africa. Though crimes are on an onset, one must be careful and agile while exploring a country like Uganda. As far as safety from diseases is concerned, one can be safe if and only if they issue a vaccination for safe travel in the country.

  • What all medications should be carried while on the trip to Uganda?

Medications like, anti-malaria tablets are highly recommended for you to carry throughout your visit to Uganda. In case you are carrying medications, it is advisable for carrying your medical prescriptions.

  • Is it mandatory to have a Travel Insurance while travelling to Uganda?

It is not mandatory, but it is recommended for anyone who is travelling to any foreign country to have travel insurance which covers your overall trip and health as well.

  • Are there any other health risks in the country of Uganda?

Yes, one must be extremely careful and take the following preventions:

  1. Make sure of applying insect repellent creams, wear long-sleeved clothes with heavy fabrics, and make sure to wear closed shoes. It is required to have your body and skin covered.
  2. Use mosquito nets while sleeping and resting.
  3. Make sure to avoid swimming in lakes in Uganda as they carry a risk of bilharzia.
  4. Do Not have tap water. You can purchase water from anywhere in the country.
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