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Uganda visit visa are the non-immigrant type of visa which is used for short-term stays in the country. A visit visa is obtained by the foreigner visiting the country for purposes like travel, business, meetings, medical treatment, etc.  Uganda visit visa provides the official and legal authorization to enter the Republic of Uganda. All foreign visitors except the visa-free countries are required to apply for an Uganda visa to enter the country. 


Uganda tourist visa for visitors

There are several types of visit visa for Uganda. One of the best types of visit visas for foreign travelers is the Uganda tourist visa. The tourist visa is the electronic permit issued by the immigrant department of Uganda to foreigners. The Uganda tourist visa is the non-immigrant visa issued to foreigners or tourists seeking to enter the country for tourists purposes.

The tourist visa obtained online will allow you to stay in the country for 90 days. And the validity for the visa is 90 days for tourists. Tourists or travelers are allowed to enter one time. The tourist can also apply for multiple entries and different validity visas for Uganda. But the process and rules will be a bit different from ordinary tourist visas. Multiple entry visas for Uganda can be issued for 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months respectively.

The application form for a tourist visa can be downloaded online. Tourists can apply for an Uganda visa online on the website Tourist Visa Online. The process:

  • Applicants will just have to answer and fill in the details in the Uganda Tourist Visa application form.
  • As the applicants are applying for visas online they should upload the required documents.
  • Applicants visiting Uganda and applying for a tourist visa must pay 150.0 USD for the application. Tourists should also pay the tourist visa processing fee which is 26.0 USD to obtain an Uganda tourist visa.
  • Tourists can also know about the tourist visa status by entering the application ID number from the website Tourist Visa Online.
  • The processing time to obtain a tourist visa is usually one week. Tourist can acquire their electronic tourist visa sent on their Email ID.

A visit visa for Uganda can also be obtained after arriving at the airport. Some nationalities are eligible to apply for an Uganda visa on arrival. They can enter the country but after applying for a relevant Uganda visa by standing in one of the lines at immigration points. The visa is issued by the immigrant officer at the immigration points. If all the documents are attached properly and you have submitted the Uganda visa fee. Then, you will receive your visa to Uganda on time. The delay may occur sometimes due to long lines and for processing.


Documents required for Uganda Tourist Visa

  • Valid passport - 6 months validity passport from the day of arrival at the airport in Uganda. Two blank pages for marking and do not use the old passport which is invalid. While applying for a visa online, you must upload the scanned image of your national passport. If you are applying in person then must take the copies and original passport with you.
  • Photograph- Two photographs of the tourist will be required while applying at the airport. Scanned image of the photo for online submission.
  • Return flight tickets
  • Email for the online application form. And money in cash for payment while applying for a visa on arrival.

Uganda business visa for foreigners

The Uganda business visa is the same as the tourist visa. Only the reason for traveling to Uganda changes that are for business and work-related purposes. Applicants applying for an Uganda business visa have to give details and information about their trip to Uganda. It will allow the foreign nationals to complete their work within 90 days. Business Visa for Uganda can also be applied for 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months multiple entries visa. 

 Additional documents required for Uganda business visa

Foreign nationals visiting the country for business tours and conferences have to provide and attach additional documents. Other common documents are the same as a tourist visa.

  • An invitation letter from the company, organization, or institution. It is required for proof that you are traveling to Uganda for business work.
  • Other common documents are passport, photo, funds, return flight tickets, accommodation information, and duration of stay in Uganda.

Tourists often travel to Uganda on an East Africa tourist visa. The East Africa tourist visa is obtained by the tourists to travel to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda with the same visa. It allows multiple entries in the above-mentioned countries valid for 90 days.



Uganda visit visa only allows short-term visits and for those obtained for specific reasons by foreign nationals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to the visa policy of Uganda, if the foreigner holding Tourist Visa wants to stay in the country for more than 90 days. Then, they are allowed to apply for the Uganda Tourist Visa extension.

The visa-free countries are the only exceptions who are not needed to obtain visa to gain entry in Uganda.

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