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If anyone is thinking of expanding one’s business in Uganda, then that person has to go through a number of hurdles. All the professionals who want to expand their business has to have all the required documents and visas to get the permission. This visa is required both for setting up work and for living there.

If a person is having any kind of difficulties in applying for a visa for Uganda, then Globalization Partners are always there to help him or her out. They will help the person in providing all the kinds of resources and support that person and his employees need to stay in compliant in Uganda from the very first day of the expansion set up in Uganda.

Different kinds of Visas available in Uganda for work purposes

There are different kinds of working visas that are available in Uganda. Any foreign person who want to travel to Uganda for work purposes has to have a permission to work there. This is applicable to both paid employment work or a volunteer. Therefore, it is very essential to choose the right type of work for the application process for every foreign individual who has plans to travel to Uganda for their work.

  • Class A and A2 : This is designed specifically for those whose work permits are available for government or diplomatic service workers and also for government contractors.
  • Class B : This is for those who have planned to invest in the Ugandan Agricultural Industry. All of them can apply here.
  • Class C : This is designed for those foreign individuals who have a plan to invest in the Ugandan Mining Industry.
  • Class D: This is applicable only to those who will travel to Uganda for business and trade related works only.
  • Class E: This is for the manufacturers who want to invest in the Manufacturing Business or want to establish a new one in Uganda.
  • Class F: This is designed for the working professionals who want to travel to Uganda for practising their work.
  • Class G1 and G2: This type of visa permits the volunteers, missionaries and other foreign individuals who work for the Non-governmental organisations.

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What are the requirements that are needed to get a work permission in Uganda?

There are a shortlist of required documents that are needed to get a work permit in Uganda.

  • A Cover letter
  • A valid passport
  • A duly completed application form
  • Two passport size photographs of the applicant
  • A letter of appointment from the employing company based in Uganda
  • A police background check from the applicant’s country of residence or the origin country
  • Copies of any certificates demonstrating the applicant’s qualifications for the job or the work he will do or continue to do in Uganda
  • Copy of NGO certificate ( only for G1 visa applicants)
  • Criminal record report ( from home country ) or Interpol letter from home country ) applicable for G1 visa applicants
  • Attach Covering letter from institution / NGO ( applicable for G1 visa applicants)

Visa application fees

The fees depend on the Category of visa Cost. Single entry 90 days visa cost around 77.0 USD.

Visas do not give permission gainful or voluntary employment in Uganda.

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How to get the Visa applied for Uganda: The Application Process?

The foreign individuals who wish to or have already planned of settling in Uganda for work purposes have to apply for the visa much before their planned departure date. Most of them take help from embassy in Uganda for an up-to-date list of requirements that will be needed to get the work permit visa in Uganda.

After the confirmation of the required documents, the applicants must complete the application process for the suitable work permit. After this process is complete, the employee must submit this application to the officials in the Uganda embassy for their approval.

As soon as the officials of the Uganda embassy approve the application for the visa, the employee can visit Uganda and start his work there. The approval is received by the applicant via email. An approval letter will also be attached to the email if the application for the visa gets approved.

There are other key considerations for the foreign employees who come to Uganda for work. The foreign individuals who has a work permit visa in Uganda can bring their family members. For this, a different set of additional documents are required after the application process. Marriage certificates and birth certificates are the most important ones. Ugandan work permits are always employer specific and this should be known by the foreign employees who have applied to work in Uganda.

Entry or exit from Uganda can be made only through the authorized ports.

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