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A research visa is the type of visa which is specially issued and obtained by foreign nationals who are entering Uganda for research studies and work. The research visa for Uganda is accorded or given to scholars, researchers, and students. The validity time for the Uganda research visa can be used for two years if your research study will end at this time. The validity of the Uganda research Visa may vary according to the stay in Uganda for research. 

Eligibility for Uganda research visa

Not everyone is allowed to do research work in Uganda, you must fulfill requirements to receive a research permit for Uganda. Like:

  • Foreign nationals, students, scholars, and learners entering Uganda to conduct research studies. 
  • Even undergraduate students visiting Uganda for research work can apply for an Uganda research permit.
  • Even if you are a citizen of Uganda and you are completing your graduation from a foreign country. Then also you will need to apply for an Uganda research permit.


Uganda research visa fee

The visa fee to obtain a research visa for Uganda depends on the position of the individual:

Students from a foreign country

UGX 40,000

Researchers with a master degree

UGX .400,000

Researchers with a Ph.D. degree

UGX 800,000

Individual postdoctoral researchers

UGX 200, 000

For private companies 

UGX 700,000


If the applicants from foreign nations are applying for research visa extension in Uganda. Then, you will have to pay the same amount. Applicants should apply for extending their research permit or visa not less than three months before their visa expiry date.

The process to apply for a research visa Uganda

  • Research for Uganda can be issued by completing steps by collecting the form.
  • Fill and complete the details in the Uganda research visa application form. The form is often recognized as an authority to conduct research work in Uganda.
  • If you are not in Uganda then send the two copies of your research application form through the mail. You will have to submit one application form to Executive Secretary. And the second application form for conducting research work to UNCST. Or visit the UNCST department in Uganda to obtain a research permit.
  • Do not forget to add and attach copies of the required documents for the Uganda research visa.
  • Research clearance certificate to make sure that you will research the country 
  • For evidence that you have paid the fees of the research visa form attach the online transaction or payment receipt.
  • After processing is done by the research coordination division and experts you will get an Uganda research visa.


Documents needed for Uganda research visa:

  • Passport 
  • Cover letter from the institution, company, or organization you want to complete your research work.
  • CV - two copies will be needed to submit it with the research visa form
  • Project proposal and research details- you should mention the purpose and objectives of your research in Uganda.
  • A sponsor letter is needed if you are doing research work in Uganda under sponsorship.
  • Photograph- two photos which should be a passport size photograph of the eligible applicant
  • Cover letter for students from the relevant Ugandan institution
  • Payment receipt
  • Identity card of your country
  • Research clearance certificate- It will only be asked if you fall under the need to apply for Ethical research clearance before starting your work in Uganda. It is required for most of the research work done by scholars, researchers, and students.

Research permit Uganda will not be issued if you haven't mentioned the objectives of your research properly. Without paying fees your application form will not be passed further to experts to get clearance. A research permit for Uganda will not be accepted after the expiry date. You can extend your 2 years validity to one more year. For more stay and long time research in Uganda, you should collect the information from the Uganda National Council for Science.

Uganda research visa processing time

The processing time for Uganda research visa is between 2 to 3 weeks.

Do not forget to submit the research results and thorough conclusion to the UNCST (Uganda National Council for Science). Submit at least two copies and if you do not submit the final thesis. Then in the future, you may not be permitted to do further research and new research work in the country.



Uganda research visa is needed by every foreign intended to enter the country for research studies. Collecting information, conducting research, and data, a collection from Uganda is only be permitted if you have a research permit for Uganda.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a foreign citizen who is visiting Uganda for conducting research then apply for the permit before one month.

Yes, it is important to share and present the research details to obtain a research permit for Uganda.

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