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For all those who are wondering if there are services of Uganda Visa for Belarus Nationals, Yes, there are. The Republic of Uganda offers Transit E- Visa, Tourist E- Visa, and East Africa E- Visa to all the citizens belonging to Belarus.

The Republic of Uganda, famously known as the Pearl of Africa, on a yearly basis accepts more than thousands of tourists. Due to the rich culture and serene diversity of nature, people wish to travel to Uganda. The country is considered one of the hotspots for tourists in the world. The country receives a lot of tourism from the country of Belarus as well.

The E- Immigration services provided by the Uganda Government authorities, makes the world a smaller place, as it permits people to apply for their desired Visa from the comfort of their home. Uganda started the service of providing an E-Visa in 2016. The entire process is extremely simple and straightforward to access. The applicants are no longer required to go to embassies or stand in long queues for their visas on arrival.

This blog will focus on Uganda Visa requirements for Belarus Nationals and the process of how the citizens of Belarus can apply for the Uganda visa and Uganda Visa on arrival. It will shed light on the required documents which are mandatory for every applicant to submit. The blog will also guide the reader over the procedure of applying through tourist – visa – online portal. The blog aims to clear out all the questions that may worry about the applicant before, during, and after the application of Visa.


  • Services provided by Uganda E-Visa for the citizens of Belarus

- Transit E – Visa

- Tourist E – Visa

- East Africa E- Visa

  • Mandatory Documentation for the application
  • Application through the Tourist Visa Online Portal
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Services provided by Uganda E-Visa for the citizens of Belarus

The Republic of Uganda is a country that is known for its rich culture and diverse serene beauty, is considered as the most traveled destination for tourism purposes. The Republic of Uganda welcomes all of its travelers and provides them with a variety of Visa services. For all the Belarus citizens, the E-Immigration services grant three kinds of Visas, they are – Tourist E – Visa, Transit E- Visa, and East Africa E – Visa. 


A transit visa can be applied through the government of Uganda and the immigration authorities for all those Belarus citizens who are transiting through the country of Uganda. A transit visa permits the passengers to get out of the airport, even if they have a limited time to board their flight. To apply for a transit visa, all the applicant is left to do is apply it online. This benefit of an E – Immigration service lies in how hassle-free the process of application is.

As per the tenure of the applicant’s stay, a transit visa should be acquired. The citizens of Belarus can issue the transit visa only if they have a short duration stay in the Republic of Uganda. The Uganda Transit Visa for the Belarus citizens and others have a Validity of only 2 days.


When the citizens of Belarus, apply for the Tourist E – Visa, they are given permission to stay within the country till the time of their Visa expires. The applicants can obtain their Tourist E – Visa for 90 days validity with a single entry. People with tourism-related purposes can acquire this kind of Visa. The applicants need to make a note that they are not allowed to convert their Visas once they are in the country.


In an East African E – Visa, the citizens of Belarus, a joint deal visa that covers the visit to not only Uganda but also to its neighboring countries i.e. Rwanda and Kenya. Through the East Africa E – Visa, the applicant can stay in Uganda for a duration of up to 45 days and visit Rwanda and Kenya multiple times till the Visa expires.

Mandatory Documentation for the application

For the application of the Visa, it is mandatory for every applicant to submit the essential documents for the verification of the background of the applicant. In case the applicant fails to submit any of the documents, their visa application won’t be processed further and maybe in the rejected list.

- The applicant is required to submit a scanned copy of their valid 

The passport of the applicant is required to have at least 6 months of validity from the time of arrival to the country and they are also required to submit a scanned copy of their bio page.

-  The applicant is required to submit a scanned copy of their recent passport size photograph.   

 It is important for the applicant to submit his or her clear and visible passport size photography which is professionally clicked for the application process of the visa.

-  The applicant is required to submit a scanned copy of their return air 

It is required for the applicant to submit a copy of his/her return flight tickets.

-  It is mandatory for the applicant to submit a 

Scanned copy of their yellow fever vaccination certificate

For all those who are applying for the visa of Uganda, it is a mandatory document for them to submit a scanned copy of their yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Application through the Tourist Visa Online Portal

To issue a Visa online, has now become one of the easiest tasks. Due to the E-Immigration services, it has become easier and straightforward for every traveler to issue their Visa from the comfort of their home. To apply through the tourist Visa online portal, all the applicant is required to do is, follow the below-given steps.  

Here is how the Belarus nationals can apply for their Uganda 90 days single entry tourist E-Visa:

-   Step 1: the applicant is supposed to click on the Tourist Visa Online website -

-   Step 2: the applicant is then required to select the country he/she wishes to travel to – i.e. Uganda. The applicant is also supposed to enter the country of which they are citizens of i.e. – Belarus

-   Step 3: After the applicant clicks on the apply tab, he or she will be directed to a new page wherein they will be able to choose from the variety of Visas Uganda possess. 

-   Step 4: The applicant is required to submit all the required documents which are required for the application of your Uganda Visa. After submitting all the documents and application forms, the applicant will also be required to make a payment for the process of Visa. 

 Step 5: After the payment, the applicant will receive a notification that will include an application ID. The applicant can use this ID to track their Visa status. 

The process of applying for the E – Visa has become extremely easy and hassle-free with the efforts of the most reputed portal – Tourist Visa Online. The reliable services offered by the Tourist Visa Online portal will help you obtain your visa in less than 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is it possible for a Belarusian to travel without Visa? 

No, it is not possible for Belarusians to travel without a Visa or any travel authorization permit.

Q. How many days will it take to process my Uganda Visa for a Belarus national?

The processing time of an Uganda Visa for a Belarus national may approximately take 7-9 business days.

Q. What are the charges for an Uganda Visa for Belarus nationals?

For a Belarus national the Uganda Visa may cost approximately 77USD and its processing fees may charge up to 26USD.

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