Non Immigrant Visa to Uganda

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Uganda is a country which is located in South Africa and is a best place the volunteers missionaries, businessmen and also for the tourists to visit the place. Uganda is a place for everyone and gives many good opportunities. You may all have heard about the immigration visa but you might not have heard about the non immigration visa.You may all have been waiting for the non immigration visa as well and to know about its details so now you no need to wait for anymore time. Uganda Has given the opportunity and the facilities for the immigration visa and that is discussed also earlier but here in this article, the Enter will be discussed and you will be able to know about all the documents that are required and other information regarding it.

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Documents required for applying a Non-Immigrant Visa online

  • Most important thing is the passport which should have the validity feed rate of at least six months and you should not forget it.
  • The applicant must also have a diplomatic note written by the government that you will be applying for the non immigrant visa to Uganda. 
  • You should Definitely bring your two passport size photos which should have at least 80% of full-face coverage and you should not be wearing any other accessories so that your face cannot be understood. 
  • You should have the visa contract and the issuance fees and also you should bring the payment received that you had paid for the application of the visa. 
  • The applicant who is applying for the non immigrant visa should definitely have an employment signed contract. 
  • If you are applying by going to the embassy then you must carry all the documents beforehand so that your visa processing does not get delayed or cancelled. 
  • Sometimes you may also need to provide your social media details if necessary. 


Non immigrant Visa application steps 

  1. First you need to collect the application form or if you are applying through online then you need to complete filling the application form. 
  2. After you had finished applying for the form before submitting you should recheck about all the details that you had input it so that there is no wrong information you had given by mistake. 
  3. You will be set to upload all your required documents and photographs and you should submit all of them correctly without any kind of mistakes. 
  4. Then you will be apps to pay the fee for the visa that you are applying for and the type of visa that you are interested to apply for. 
  5. You need to create an account for paying the fee for the visa. You need to fill all the required details and then generate a fee deposit slip from the banking or the payment gate that you are using. 
  6. Now if you are applying it through the embassy or the consulate then you need to print the fee deposit slip and then submit it to the Centenary bank branch to make the payment and then you will be called for the interview for the non immigrant visa application and the processing that will be done after that. 

Types of Non-Immigrant Visas

  • The first kind is the tourist visa which is for vacation purposes or for the holidaying purposes and issued only to the tourist. 
  • Second kind of visa is the temporary work visa which is issued to the workers or the laborers who will be working in Uganda for a short term. 
  • Third Kind of visa is for the training in a program but it does not ensure employment. 


Validity of the visa

The validity of the visa depends upon your home country or the nationality you belong to. It may vary from three months to even 10 months. At this time, you can make multiple entries to Uganda.

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