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If you are living in the subcontinent, then you can Apply Uganda visa for Indian Passport holder. Uganda offers various types of visas depending upon a person's nationality and their purpose of visit to Uganda. With the right types of documents stating that you are from India, you can easily opt for an Uganda Tourist Visa from Tourist Visa Online.


  • Uganda Visas available for Indian Passport Holders
  • Documents Indians need to submit for an Uganda Visa
  • Uganda Visas for Indians living abroad
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Uganda Visas available for Indian Passport Holders

With Tourist Visa Online, an Indian passport holder can easily apply for an Uganda Tourist Visa on a single entry basis. This Uganda Visa is specifically created for foreigners wanted to visit Uganda for tourism and enjoying a vacation.

Thus if you are wanting to visit Uganda with your family from India, then only a small set of documents given below will suffice you for the approval of your Uganda Visa. 

Documents Indians need to submit for an Uganda Visa

Being an Indian Passport holder, there are some medical, general, and occupational papers you might need to submit are:

A valid Indian Passport

If you are applying for an Uganda Tourist Visa, then the candidate’s passport must be a permanent Indian passport. The scans of the passport must be of the front and the back pages since you are applying online.

Flight Tickets 

Confirmed flight tickets are necessary in order to apply for an Uganda visa. Please make sure that these flight tickets must be from India to Uganda and back to India within the validity period of the visa that you would be getting.

Yellow Fever Vaccination

All people flying to Uganda must show a negative Yellow Fever Vaccination in order to approve of an Uganda Visa. 

The government of Uganda wishes to provide you with a safe journey, thus any hints of the Yellow Fever in anyone may reject your Uganda visa. Also, kids below the age of five must-have a vaccination against polio.

Invite from Relatives

If you will be living in the houses of your relatives living in Uganda already, then they must send you an official invitation letter in order to establish their relationship with you. This can be submitted as a mail or a scan as well. These relatives must be Indian as well and must be related to you on at least a second-degree family level as well (cousins to be precise).

Photographs of the candidate

Passport-sized photographs of the candidate are a mandatory requirement. Know that the photograph you submit must be of a recent one, colored scan.

Visa Application Form

A complete visa application form must be necessary. It is to be filled completely and must match with the details of your other papers.

Hotel reservations, confirmed

If you are not living with any relatives during your journey to Uganda, then you must be having your proof of stay and its reservations beforehand. A scan of your transaction papers will be more than enough to show at which Uganda hotel you will be staying in throughout your vacation.

Bank Data and financial proofs

Bank statements are an important paper that ensures that your stay in Uganda will be financially stable and you will not be devoid of money at any point in time. For such proof, your bank transaction papers from the past three months will be sufficient as a scan. Keep these papers preferably from a bank that is government recognized.


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Uganda Visas for Indians living abroad

If you are an Indian living in another country, and wish to apply for an Uganda Visa online and fly from your residence country to Uganda, then you need to submit another document stating that you are legally living in another country. 

Usually, your purpose of stay as a resident will be because of occupation and your job, which is a good enough purpose to submit a residence permit of that country. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Transit Visas available for Uganda, if I am living in India and wanting to stopover in Uganda?

Yes, a Transit visa for Uganda is available for anyone wanting to stopover at Uganda. However, the Transit Visa for Uganda is only valid for a period of 24 hours, meaning your next flight from Uganda must be under one day of your stopover in Uganda.

Q. Are the documents (which are to be submitted for an Uganda visa) the same for a resident of India?

If you belong to some other country as a native, yet a reliving in India for work-related purposes, then you must be having a residence permit of India, allowing you to work in the subcontinent. Thus, this residence permit is to be shown while applying for an Uganda Visa under any circumstances.

Q. Can I apply for an Uganda Visa if I am not born in India, but I am living in India currently for work?

An Uganda visa is applicable for any tourist, be it a resident or a citizen of the departure country. All you will be asked to do is prove your reason of stay in India, which is, as already stated, work. Thus, showing a residence card of India and your native passport will be good enough proof of your stay in India, and thus will be acceptable for an Uganda Visa application. 

Q. I have not applied for an Uganda Visa online before, what are the advantages of applying online for a visa?

Being a large country by landmass, living in India, and applying for a visa offline will definitely cost you precious time, which will be wasted in traveling to the embassy for approval and application of your Uganda Visa. Instead, opting for the online method of application through Tourist Visa Online will be beneficial as:

  • Tourist Visa Online keeps track of all the steps in the visa application process.
  • Being monitored on every step, it helps reduce the chances of your visa application to Uganda being rejected in any circumstances.
  • It is better to apply online as you will be able to get your visa in your homes itself, in your email id mentioned in the visa application form.
  • Payment is done securely, and a track of the transaction is maintained to keep transparency.
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