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Are you planning to visit Cape Verde for your vacations? If not vacations then maybe for some other purpose? If you are planning to visit the Cape Verde, you will be required to apply for a Cape Verde visa. You can easily apply for a visa through the Cape Verde visa application. This Cape Verde visa application will require all the personal information, required documents and other important details. However, before filling out this form, you will have to select the Cape Verde visa types that fulfils the objective of your visit to the Cape Verde. You must ensure that all the details that have been entered in the Cape Verde visa application form stand true to your knowledge.

Cape Verde Visa Types: Know more about Cape Verde

The government and immigrations authorities of the Cape Verde issue many types of Cape Verde visas. The issuing of these visas and the requirements heavily depend on the country you belong to. If you are national of one of the Cape Verde visa free countries then you will not have to pre-arrange your visa or get it issued beforehand as you have a visa-free access to the country. However, if you are a national that qualifies for a Cape Verde visa on arrival, you will not be required to arrange your visa before reaching the country as you can get your visa at the airport or the border as and when you arrive.

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What are the types of Cape Verde visas?

To help you figure out which of the types of Cape Verde visa will be the better fit for you, you must check out the Cape Verde visa details to assess your needs efficiently. To make your task easier for you, we have compiled a list of Cape Verde visa types to enable you to make a sound judgement:

  • Tourist visa for 30 days single entry with a visa validity and stay validity of 30 days.
  • Business visa for 30 days single entry with a visa validity and stay validity of 30 or more depending on the country you belong to.

List of different Cape Verde visa types:

Tourist visa

If you are travelling to the Cape Verde with a US passport then you will not be required to apply for a tourist visa. There is no visa required for 6 months duration of stay. If you are travelling to the Cape Verde without a US passport, you will have to apply for the tourist visa to visit the Cape Verde. However, you will get a 30 days validity on a single entry visa.

Business visa

This is also known as Cape Verde work visa COVID that is sponsored by the work permit of the particular company you will be working under. You can get a 30 days stay permit. However, if you want to work for more than 30 days, your work permit must be valid to allow you to work for 90 days. This work visa is authorized and issued by the Department of Immigration. If you are working for 90 days only then you will be required to apply for a short term business visa for the Cape Verde work visa 1 year.

Diplomatic or Missionary visa

If you are a diplomat or a foreign government official then you must apply for a diplomatic visa and obtain your diplomatic visa from the Cape Verde diplomatic missions for diplomatic purposes only.

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Health visa

If you are travelling to Cape Verde, you are required to apply for Cape Verde Health visa COVID to obtain a travel health card that is valid for 30 days single entry and 4 days as well. The applicant must obtain a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 5 days before the date of arrival to obtain a Cape Verde health visa. This is one of those visas amongst all the types of Cape Verde visa that has become mandatory for every applicant visiting Cape Verde. This is the health insurance you have to cover before traveling to Cape Verde as a mandatory precaution required for all Cape Verde visa types.

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