Cape Verde Tourist Visa Requirements

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Cape Verde majorly of volcanic islands. This island was discovered by the Portuguese. Well, Cape Verde is an economically stable country for its shipping export, and import business; it's mainly an attractive place for the merchant.

Cape Verde Visa Tourist Require

The basic requirements for Cape Verde Visa are as follows

  • E-visa is mandatory, which is easily available on the online platform.
  • The Passport validation period is six months
  • For EASE holders their validation period is 90 days
  • Some Neighbor countries are allowed to stay here without visas for 90 days(exceptional case)
  • Valid documents need to be present before the Embassy of Cape Verde residence proof is required.
  • For address/nationality proof required documents need to be present to the embassy of Cape Verde.

Cape Verde embassy is quite complex; it offers 200 countries a free visa policy for 90 days. But sometimes it also changes its policy, so before Cape Verde please check its requirements.

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Cape Verde currency

The currency used in Cape Verde is Dollar,1 Cape Verdean Escudo equals 0.78 Indian Rupee according to the estimation. This is the national currency and is used as a mood of exchange. 

Cape Verde Tourist Visa Application

You must apply before 15 days of your date of travel; after you apply the process no changes can be made. Tourists must take the maximum amount of cash as in Cape Verde cash policy is maximum, debit, and credit card is only acceptable in few places.

  • Parents traveling with their children whose age is below 18 must carry their birth certificates.
  • Parents must submit a formal letter regarding that they have been granted permission for their children to travel.
  • Pre-arrival registration should be done
  • Fees should be paid to airport security officers at the EASE application during the payment process.
  • Children below two years are not allowed in this pandemic situation.
  • A vaccination certificate is required

Travelers must be cautious about traveling through boats as many boats are lost at the coast and beaches as its water is quite deep, especially Sal island. Fogo Island is identified as a volcanic island.

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Cape Verde Crime

Well, in Cape Verde crimes are common; pickpocketing, smuggling, terrorist attack are quite common in markets, public transport places. Avoid street children between the ages group 14-20, as most of them are pickpocketers; avoid roaming outside at night due to low lights; maximum crime takes place; doors and windows should be locked, as the major target is the tourists. Don't trust anyone as scams are quite high, some victims have faced sexual harassment. Domestic violence is still active; forceful marriages are still not banned.

For help 

  • Contact officers
  • You can contact your friends and relatives.
  • Make report
  • For medical emergencies loans are provided 
  • Rapid inquiry is started after you complain
  • Ambulance services are active

Cape Verde police are quite strict for that reason, crime rates are decreasing. Victims always get justice and criminals are either life-long prisoners or hanged to death. Cape Verde officers do not tolerate crime on tourists. By arresting the criminal's proper punishment is given. Drug trafficking is illegal and if trafficking is found, may charge high amounts of fines and sometimes they are life-long prisoned. Women are given maximum security, but women may face medical issues and many times there is a shortage of medicines. Often, health insurance is not granted.

In general service-

  • There is a lack of medical facilities and infrastructure
  • Often, cash facility is only accepted
  • Psychological services are not available
  • Medical shops are outside borders only with valid medical documents you are allowed to enter.
  • You must prefer bottled water

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Cape Verde Transportation

In Cape Verde only three moods of transport bus, van, taxi. Well, the roads are quite safe; accidents have not occurred frequently. During rainy seasons roads are quite slippery and have potholes. Without proper licenses, no vehicles are allowed on the roads. Stop sharing taxis with unknown people. Avoid coast visits during the rainy season. Transport is quite low during night time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, yes, racism exists in Cape Verde. Dark-skinned people faced criticism and reluctance; still, no laws are valid for this cause.

Well, horse riding, volcanic places hiking, fishing, enjoying folk music, are the most famous specialties of Cape Verde.

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