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The archipelago of the Atlantic islands is Cape Verde and Cabo Verde. In the 15th century, it was established by the Portuguese and became independent in 1974. It consists of 10 insulas and eight V-shaped islets. Seaports and airports can be easily transported to and to various islands because of their location. In this article, we are going to know about the process to Apply Cape Verde Visa Online. So read the article and find out.

Meat is mostly like fish, the cuisine in Cape Verde. Staples of rice, beans, peas, onions, bananas and mangoes, fruits, and vegetables. Culture is a mixture of European and African influences in this region. However, houses, religions and rituals are practised in Portugal by many Portuguese communities. This is a fairly interesting place.

Cape Verde Visa Types

There are various types of Cape Verde Visa. The various types are listed below:

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Multiple Entry Visa
  3. Holiday Visa
  4. Residence Visa

Cape Verde Visa Documents Required 

You must have Cape Verde Visa documents:

  • Original passport valid for at least six months as well as at least three pages blank, plus all old passports if applicable
  • (Photo specification); 2 scanned latest colour photograph;
  • Evidence of lodging (hotel reservation or invitation letter if visiting someone in Cape Verde)
  • Host company invitation letter (for business visa)
  • Enough funding to follow your journey
  • Payment of visa fee in cash

Documents supporting your job, visit type:

If Employed

  • Leave Sanctioned Certificate: with business seal authorization
  • Wage Slips: 3 months last

If Self Employed

  • Business Proof: License, MOA or Partnership Deed Registration
  • Bank statement of the company: stamped and modified with bank seal for six months
  • Revenue tax returns of the company: 3 years from last

If Retired

Proof of pension: pension book, declaration, etc.

If Student

ID Card: college, university or institution

If Minor

  • Birth certificate for all parents' names
  • Letter of approval legalized (NOC)
  • If the infant travels with one parent, the permitted travel letter must be legalized by the other parent
  • If the child travels alone or without either of the parents, all parents should send a notarised permission letter authorizing travel
  • Death Certificate: if either or both parents died
  • Parent ID Proof:

If Visiting to Meet a relative or friend

  • Letter of invitation: state the connection with the inviter and aim to come and ensure that you are responsible for the accommodation and related expenses during the guest's stay in Algeria
  • Inviter ID proof: passport or permit to reside
  • Inviter's Address Proof: Utility bill

If Sponsored

  • Sponsorship Letter: name of the guests, the intention of the tour, friendship with the visitors, duration of the stay, travel dates and other further details, if need be.
  • Inviter ID proof: passport or permit to reside
  • Inviter's Address Proof: Utility bill
  • Financial support evidence: new bank declaration, payment slips

Documents for Business Visa

  • Letter From the Company
  • In the name of the employee, a covering letter is given when they are travelling for business on behalf of the organization to another country.

The cover letter issued by the company should, under the following conditions, be suitable

  • The traveller's stay in the country must also be given information.
  • It must contain both the details of the traveller and the business and be published along with the official signature and seal on the letterhead of the firm.

The first document seen by the consular is the covering letter. If the cover letter is unsuitable, it may also lead to a refusal of your visa. It is recommended to consult professional visas.

  • Business Registration Certificate 
  • A business registration certificate is a document that is obvious to your established business and is legally approved by the authorities concerned.

The business registration certificate is a mandatory business document that should comply with the specific requirements

  • As evidence of the company's registration, it must be presented.
  • The proof that the corporation is lawful and legally licensed with the government must be submitted.

If the business registration certificate is not genuine, it may cause problems with the approval of the business visa. It is recommended to consult professional visas.

Process to Get Cape Verde Visa

  1. Just access the Tourist Visa Online website and visit the field of visas.
  2. The country you wish to apply for a visa for will then be chosen. It's Cape Verde in this situation.
  3. Choose the applicable visa form. 
  4. Complete the website visa application form.
  5. Review the form again and again after the submission is completed.
  6. Upload your passport size photo in the space provided according to the instructions.
  7. Join all the required documents.
  8. The payment table is to be submitted electronically when the application fees are completed. 
  9. You are free to go after completing the questionnaire. The processing of your visa should be expected.

Final Words

So this is all about the process to Apply Cape Verde Visa Online. So plan your trip to this beautiful nation, and to get the visa, you can reach out to Tourist Visa Online.

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