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Laos is a country located in the south- east part of continent Asia. The money used in Laos is Lao kip. The capital city is Vientiane. It is a beautiful place for visiting and they are best known for their mountain terrains. Laos has borders shared with China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar. We will discuss the visa requirements for Indian citizens. We will also know about the documents required for a Laos visa for Indians. The details about the tourist visa online. The process of how to apply Laos visa for Indians is also explained in detail in the upcoming topics.

Documents required for Laos visa for Indians:

The original valid passport with expiry for about six months even after reaching Laos with scanned bio page and 3 empty sheets is important. The next will be the travel documents. Then the application form of visa filled with signature is important. The details filled in the form must be the same as that of details in documents. Else there is a chance for visa getting rejected so fill in details properly. Then two (2) photos which are recently taken within three to four months are important. The photos should be in color not in black and white. The size of the photo should be passport size. For the exact measurements, you can check the standard requirements set by ICAO (international civil aviation organization). If you want to stay in Laos only for a short period of time you need to submit both arrival and the return tickets.  
If you staying in Laos for a longer period you don’t have to show the ticket booked for returning. The proof of sufficient amount for travelling and returning to your country is very important. This is to make sure that you have sufficient funds or amount to complete your trip and return safely. In case you are visiting Laos on a business trip by getting a business visa. You need to submit the company’s cover letter with the company letterhead. The statements about the bank transactions for the past three to four months are a must. The details of the travel plan just including the places and cities you visit on particular dates are sometimes asked. The details about the hotels you stay and related documents are also asked.

Visa on arrival for Indians:

The Indian citizens who wish to enter Laos have the option of a visa on arrival. They can avail visa after reaching the airport of Laos. They have the stay period valid for about 1 month (30 days). This is the alternate and easy method for getting a Laos visa. They can avail themselves of these at the checkpoints of Laos like Mittaphab Bridge. The cost of this visa may be INR two thousand one hundred and seventy-nine. It may take about 20 -40 minutes for getting the visa at the centers. At the airports, we can get a visa on arrival. The lists of the airports where Indians can get a visa are Wattay international airport, Pakse international airport, Luang Prabang airport, and finally Savannakhet airport. These are the places for Indians to get arrival visas at airports.

Visa details for online application:

The tourist visa on arrival online is available for Indian citizens. The period for staying in Laos using the tourist visa is about 1 month (30 days). The permission given for the tourist visa for entering and exiting is only one time. The visa extension for the tourist visa for Indian citizens for about fifteen days (15 days). The cost of the visa is thirty-five (35) dollars. The cost may vary according to the place where you apply for the visa. This is best for people who want to visit Laos for tourism purposes.
The next is the business visa on arrival for people who want to visit Laos for business purposes. The period for staying in Laos for the visa is about 1 month (30 days). The extension is also available for this business visa on arrival for fifteen days (15). The permission for this visa for entering and exiting Laos is only one time. This visa is useful for people who attend a business meetings, conferences, seminars, lectures, etc.


Every detail required for the Indian citizen to visit Laos is explained in detail. The documents, types of visa, and the visa on arrival are also explained in detail. You can now select the required visa and collect the required documents and travel to Laos and enjoy the trip.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are two options available for Indian citizens. They can either apply for the visa online or get a visa on arriving at airports. It’s completely the choice for passengers they can apply before or get directly at airports. They need to carry the required documents for getting the visa. Check the basic requirements for the visa and carry them along with you. The visa has time to stay up to 1 month in Laos. After that, if they want to stay they can apply for an extension visa.

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