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Nepal is a truly diverse and beautiful country ideal for a vacation with family and friends. If you want to visit Nepal and are wondering as to how to apply Nepal visa online, do read this article till the end to clear your doubts and to get a visa from Tourist Visa Online now.

This small country which houses the world’s highest peak Mount Everest, acts as a paradise for the trekkers and also normal visitors everywhere in this planet, the country is simply amazing and eye catching at an equivalent time.


Nepal visa on arrival policy is applicable to almost all the countries. Citizens of those countries need to fill out the pre arrival form online and show that at the immigration when you arrive. Getting things done online is an easy process and takes less time than waiting at the immigration upon arrival to avail a visa on arrival.

Nepal visa for Indian citizens is not needed and they enjoy freedom of movement. They can also reside in the country with no restrictions

Nationals of Afghanistan, Palestine, Cameroon, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria, Somalia, Syria and Zimbabwe need to acquire a visa before arriving in the country.

Apart from that, holders of a diplomatic passport from Brazil, Russia, Myanmar, China, Thailand, and Vietnam do not need to acquire a visa to enter Nepal. Also, an exemption of visa agreement was signed with Qatar in 2018 which is yet to come in force.

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Applying for a visa to Nepal by online method has been made mandatory now. You have to fill out the pre arrival form before and then get the visa upon arrival. If you are wondering on how to fill out the Nepal visa application form and what all points that you need to consider before doing that, we are here to guide you through the process.

You need to fill out the application form by following these steps:

Ø  Go to our website and enter your nationality and the country you need a visa for (in this case, Nepal).

Ø  You will get an option to fill the pre arrival form, click on that and proceed.

Ø  Fill the form giving all the right details about you.

Ø  Upload the documents that are needed and proceed.

Ø  Pay the application fee using a valid mode of payment (Paypal/Debit/Credit card)

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 People visit Nepal for the iconic temples, to sense the spirituality that the country abodes in, and to enjoy the mountains. There are various reasons why you should visit this stunning country:

  •         PASHUPATINATH TEMPLE: This is the most sacred temple in Nepal for the Hindus situated on the banks of Bagmati River. It is also considered as one of the most important and valuable religious sites in Asia and consists much more than just being a temple. It houses various libraries, temples, shrines and monuments. Cremations are also done here because it is situated on the banks of a river.
  •         SAGARMATHA NATIONAL PARK: This national park houses the world’s highest mountains including Mount Everest. The ranges are also home to several unique species like snow leopard. Red panda, and also the Himalayan black bear. You can also enjoy bird watching as there are thousands of birds that you can find here, and also many musk deer all around. The local people who live here are called Sherpas, and worship the holy sites that are scattered all around the place. You should take proper guidance before visiting because of its altitude, so as to avoid any altitude sickness.
  •         NAMCHE BAZAAR: This is where everyone starts their trek to the iconic Mount Everest. The bazaar here is famous for local cheese and yak butter, and has been used as a trade centre since traditional times. You can find all trekking instruments here. The bazaar is the highest situated bazaar in the world and some people can’t even make it to this place.
  •         PATAN: In Sanskrit, Patan means “City of beauty”. This beautiful stands apart from Kathmandu by the Bagmati River. The city’s ancient part is known for the traditional Newari artistry and architecture of Nepal. You can visit some of the most visited attractions here including Patan museum, Mul chowk, Golden Temple, Krishna Mandari, and Sundari chowk. You can enjoy the stunning history of this little town by visiting this place.
  •         BHOTE KOSHI: The bhote koshi river rafting could be an amazing experience for you. For all the adrenaline junkies, this is the best place that you can visit in Nepal. It offers the steepest river rafting in the country, with level 5 rapids at this point. If that is not enough adventure for you, you can also try bungee jumping, which is the highest free fall.
  •         CHITWAN NATIONAL PARK: If you want to see some of the last remaining one horned rhinos in the world, you need to visit this park. Apart from that, you can also spot Bengal tigers here. Also catch a glimpse of the gharial crocodile, sloth bears, leopards, and several other animals roaming around the jungle. It is a sight you cannot miss.
  •         ANNAPURNA SANCTUARY TREK: The Annapurna sanctuary is reached through a 14-15 day trek. You can view that stunning Himalayas all around you through the journey, and also home stay during this time, enjoying some quality time with the locals. You won’t even require a guide for this trek, as the trails are very well marked and are also dotted with villages. The sanctuary is an extremely sacred place for the visitors and you must behave accordingly when you reach there.

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Q. How much time will the pre arrival form take to process and how much do I have to pay for that?

Nepal visa online price is USD25 and gets processed within 4-5 business days.

Q. Will I have to apply for a visa in the same process?

Yes, you will have to provide all the details about your child, although, the visa fee will be waived off if your kid is below the age of 10.

Q. Can a non residential Indian travel to Nepal without a visa?

You can visit Nepal without a visa if you possess an Indian passport and citizenship. So if you are not a resident of India, but still are a citizen of India, you can visit the country without a visa.

Q. For how many days can I stay in Nepal without a visa?

If you are from India, you can permanently reside in Nepal. You will need to get yourself registered with the Indian embassy in Kathmandu after you have stayed there for 6 months. You need to provide the resident proof for that purpose, also your photograph and a letter from your landlord in order to reside permanently.

Thus, applying for a visa to Nepal is super easy. Just fill the form and get the visa at the Nepal immigration upon arrival. Now if you have cleared your doubts on how to apply Nepal visa online, go and fill out the form to experience what this subtly beautiful country holds.

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