How to Get Dependent Working Visa for My Spouse

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About Nepal

Nepal is a small country located in the South East Asian region set amidst India and China mainly situated in the Himalayas and also includes a wide variety of geography such as plains formed by the river Ganga. There are vast fertile fields, alpine hills, icy glaciers and pristine rivers. The predominant culture of the nation is heavily influenced by Hinduism while there is also considerable impact from Buddhism, which has deep roots in the region. Lumbini, located in southern Nepal is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. The Kathmandu Valley, located in the Nepal Valley is a beautiful region in the country that also holds most of the offices and headquarters of the government, making it the economic hub of the country. From a tourism perspective, Nepal is an ideal location for the tourists in search of an untouched and undisturbed natural beauty. With aid from rapidly developing sectors such as tourism and manufacturing related activities, the economy of Nepal has been growing with a boost. If you are wondering about how to obtain visa for your family and relatives, this article will serve as a guide for Nepal Dependent Visa. For any other visa related assistance, you can visit Tourist Visa Online and get all your queries addressed. 

Living in Nepal

Nepal is a country of about 30 million residents, with more than 80% of the population living in rural areas. It is important to say that Nepal is still a developing country which means that the facilities available in other countries may not be available here or at least not in as much abundance and consistency. Services such as healthcare, regular electricity and water. On the flipside, with partnerships from China, Nepal has huge potential in the area of hydroelectricity generation. The country is majorly dependent on the agrarian industries employing 75% of the population. 
Natural Beauty of Nepal is renowned throughout the world with eight of the ten tallest peaks in the world situated in the country. Several western movies have shed a romantic light on the country from the perspective of mountain climbing. A lot of regions of the country have remained unadulterated from human activity. What adds to this beauty, is the spirituality added by religious influences on the country’s culture. There are numerous places of prominence from the Hindu and Buddhist legends. 

Nepal Dependent Visa

Formally known as Relationship Visa, it is a visa offered to kin of Nepalese citizens. The holders of Relationship Visa are not allowed to gain an employment without acquiring Work Permit from Department of Labour. In order to gain the Work Visa, multiple procedures are required. 
The documents required by the applicant in order to get a Relationship Visa in Nepal are:
  1.  Relationship Certificate issued by formal body that ascertains relationship with Nepali Citizen along with documents for verification of relationship.
  2. Citizenship certificate of Kin
  3. Concerned Kin should be a citizen of Nepal holding a valid passport and should be present at the time of procedures. 
  4. Applicant’s Passport and Visa
  5. Completed Online Application
The charges for Relationship Visa is 10 USD per month. Single Re-Entry can be availed at additional charges of 20 USD while multiple re-entry is available at additional 60 USD.

Where to Apply for Nepal Working Visa?

Department of Immigration has moved the process of applying for working visa to their official website. You will have to go the ‘Online Visa Application’ option where you can fill out the application form by providing all the relevant details and complete your application form. 

Best Place to Apply Nepal Visa

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