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How is that possible without knowing about the Saint Helena visa requirements to get a Saint Helena visa online? This is your question. Isn't it?  Following are the St Helena Island visa requirements which every visitor has to provide while applying for a visa as requirements play a major role in your visa approval. We are aware of the hassle you go through when you used to go Embassy to get your visa. That is why the process of getting a visa is simpler now. So to get a visa you are required to follow a simple process but for that, you should know the requirements to apply for that visa. Isn't it?

Saint Helena Island is one of the most fabulous places to visit during your vacation to make your trip adventurous and fun-loving. Visiting Saint Helena is like a dream coming true. Don’t You want to make your trip successful by getting a visa for Saint Helena? Well, when talking about the requirements to obtain a visa a lot of questions come to your mind whether I will be able to get this or not so when you read this article you will come to know about the requirements which will help you to make your requirements ready in advance before you apply for or a visa. 

St Helena Island Visa Requirements 

Passport validity

The first major requirement to enter Saint Helena is that the foreign national traveling to Saint Helena should have a valid passport with the minimum Validity of 6 months from the date of his arrival to the Islands.  

  • This document is important because once foreign national enters the island immigration officer wants to make sure the passport of the visitors does not expire in between their trip.
  • This requirement also ensures that you don't have to make yourself busy with the renewal of your passport once you are on the island. So that you can enjoy your trip without any barrier. 

Latest passport size picture

This is also one of the important documents in the process of getting a visa because the immigration officers want to make sure that the person entering the island is using his/her real identity. This requirement also ensures that no one uses a fake identity to enter. But Passport size photos required for issuing the visa have some specifications which should be followed at any cost.

  1. The size of the photograph should be 4*4.
  2. The background in the photograph should be white color.
  3. There should be a normal smile on your face.
  4. Make sure that your face is not covered with any kind of scarf or hair.
  5. Make sure that the photo is clear enough to recognize your face. 

Evidence of return air ticket

  • Visitors planning to visit Saint Helena are required to get the tickets of returning pre-booked.
  • Well, this evidence is required to make sure that that is it will leave the country on the specific date this is done because of security purposes.
  • Whenever you plan to travel Saint Helena you should Pre-book your tickets and then go for the process of application for a visa.

Address of the place where you are going to stay

One of the important documents is the address of the place where you are going to stay.

Case 1

If you are planning to stay in a hotel you are required to submit the authentic proof of the hotel bookings with your stay duration in that Hotel.

Case 2

If you are planning to stay at your friends or relative's house then you are required to make the identity proof of the individual at whose place you're going to stay.

Medical insurance

  • You should also be required to get medical insurance for yourself when you apply for the Saint Helena visa.
  • This visa is not only important for the Government of Saint Helena but also for you because you are visiting a different place where you might face any issue related to your health.  
  • If you have health insurance this is going to help you in case you fall sick with the change of weather or you meet an accident.

Sufficient funds to support your trip

This is a really important document that should be submitted when applying for a Saint Helena visa. In this document, you are required to submit proof of your funds to support your stay in Saint Helena. You are required to submit the bank statement of your account for the past 6 months which will reflect your financial condition.

Frequently asked question

Q. Is there any time of insurance that I required for visiting Saint Helena?

You are required to get medical insurance for yourself when planning to visit Saint Helena. But that's not enough; you are also required to get authentic proof of your medical insurance. 

Q. Is the 6-month validity rule also applicable when applying for Saint Helena's visa?

Like other countries, Saint Helena also has a 6-month validity rule to ensure that a visitor has the maximum visa validity to support his day. Because if an individual is found living in Saint Helena without a valid passport can be considered as a criminal because it is illegal to live in Santali an hour without a valid Passport and Visa.


Saint Helena Visa requirements having clearly described and can be understood easily. Now when you are well aware of the visa requirements you are ready to apply for the Saint Helena visa with a tourist visa online. If you are not yet aware of the Saint Helena visa policy then and you should read it now because this will help you to understand the eligibility criteria of Saint Helena.

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