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St Helena visa free countries need not to apply for St Helena visa as they can visit the country directly without having a visa. Do you know that you can now visit Saint Helena without a visa if your country falls into the list of Saint Helena Visa-free countries? Well, that can give you a lot of benefits if your country is one of those who can enter Saint Helena without any restrictions and without having a visa. 

Saint Helena is a beautiful destination to visit and to spend your leisure time there. This trip can be adventurous and full of excitement for you. Don't you feel that excitement in your nerves when thinking about visiting Saint Helena and that too with a visa? 

Frequently asked questions

Q. What do you mean by visa-free countries? 

Visa-free countries are those countries that are allowed to enter a nation without any restrictions. This means that the citizens of the Visa-free countries can enter without having a visa or visa on arrival to a Nation. 

Q. Which countries fall in the list of Saint Helena's Visa-free countries?

There are several countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Saint Helena and without obtaining a visa. This has helped a lot to increase tourism in Saint Helena. If you are interested to know whether you fall in the list of St Helena visa-free countries or not then check the below list to clarify your doubts.

All European Union citizens Dominica Marshall Island Saint Lucia Andorra East Timor
Mauritius Saint Vincent & The Grenadine Antigua EI  Salvador Mexico Samoa
Barbuda Grenada Micronesia San Marino Australia Guatemala
Monaco Seychelles Argentina  Honduras Namibia Singapore
Bahamas Hong Kong Nauru Solomon Barbados Iceland
New Zealand Islands Belize Israel Nicaragua South Africa
Botswana Japan Norway South Korea Brazil Kiribati
Palau Switzerland Brunei Liechtenstein Panama Tongo
Canada Macau Papua New Guinea Trinidad Chile Malaysia
Paraguay Tobago Costa Rica Maldives Saint Kitts & Nevis Tuvalu
United States UK Uruguay Vanuatu Vatican City  

Q. Can the British citizens visit Saint Helena without a Visa?

Yes, British citizens can visit Saint Helena without having any Visa because Saint Helena is a part of the British Empire. This is the reason that the Republic of British does not require a visa for entering the island of Saint Helena. 

Q. For how long a citizen of Visa-free countries can stay in Saint Helena?

You are a citizen of Visa-free countries then you can stay in Saint Helena for up to 90 days. But if you wish to stay for a longer period in Santa Helena then you can exit the island after 90 days and Re-enter without any difficulty. 

Q. Which documents are required to visit Saint Helena if I am a citizen of Visa-free countries?

If you are a citizen of Visa-free countries and desire to visit Saint Helena then only the document you require will be your passport. But make sure you carry a password with the validity of a minimum of 6 months so that you can enjoy your trip without any hassle. 

Q. Can I live permanently in Saint Helena?

Yes, you can live permanently in Saint Helena but this is not an easy process. Saint Helena is a part of the British Empire; the process of getting a permanent residence of Saint Helena becomes difficult. There is a lot of paper works that you are required to fulfill. 

Q. I am a tourist and I want to settle permanently in Saint Helena? Is it possible to do so? What are the factors that I should consider while planning to settle permanently in Saint Helena?

Saint Helena is quite good please to explore when it comes to a trip. But if you are planning to settle permanently in Saint Helena then you have to consider a lot of factors that are suitable for your lifestyle. If you are a person who likes to stay in a peaceful place and isolation then Saint Helena is a perfect place for you to settle down.

But if you are a person who likes to chill and stay connected with the world then you should not plan to settle in Saint Helena because the island is an isolated place that doesn't have many facilities when it comes to medical facilities as well as internet facilities. We recommend you to have prior knowledge of every factor before you take any decision. 

Q. How much time does it take to reach Saint Helena from the UK by flight?

The minimum time to reach Saint Helena from the UK through flight can take up to 20 hours. But the time can vary upon the airline you choose and the transit period of your airline. 

Q. What is the language spoken by the people of Saint Helena?

Officially English is a language that is widely spoken in Saint Helena. But the ascent is very strong and maybe it can be difficult for you to understand if you usually do not speak English. They also use ordinary English in different ways and this art is popularly known as Saint. 

Q. Which currency is used in Saint Helena?

The official currency that is being used in Saint Helena is pound. Forest shopping you should carry stilling banknotes which are accepted all over Saint Helena. one pound is equal to the Pound of  Saint Helena. 


This is exciting and the fabulous news for the nationals of those countries which can travel Saint Helena without having any kind of visa because this will save their time which is usually wasted while getting a visa on the other hand this will save their money while obtaining a visa. If you are not aware of the fact that your country is part of Saint Helena Visa-free countries or not then what are you waiting for? Read this article to clarify your doubts. 

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