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Saint Helena Island is located in the middle of Atlantic Ocean and is one of the most isolated islands in the world. One of the exciting ways to go to St. Helena Island is to go by crossing the Atlantic Ocean between the Namibia and Angola; St. Helena Island will appear in less than half way to the Brazil.
Saint Helena is a beautiful island which is located under British territory. It lies about 1200 miles West to the southern coast of Africa. Saint Helena has the maximum length of 10.5 miles. And maximum breath of 6.5 miles. The capital of Saint Helena is Jamestown and the only port. Saint Helena Island is a British possession. It is named after Saint Helena of Constantinople.


The island population is largely of mixed European, South and East Asian, and African descent. English is the only language spoken here and majority of the people are Anglicans. Google Anglicans Jamestown the only town among the settlement on Saint Helena has about 1/6 of the islands population.
Now, let's see the best places you can visit in Saint Helena Island.
  • The museum of Saint Helena
The Museum of Saint Helena is one of the prominent tourist attractions of Saint Helena situated in the capital city of Jamestown. It is a beautiful museum housed which is dated back to early 19th century. This museum beautifully describes the natural history and history of St. Helena with well-preserved artifacts.
  • Jacobs ladder
The Jacob’s ladder is one of the most exciting places to visit where there are 699 staircase which leads to a beautiful view of the town. It is located in Jamestown. It was construction in the year 1829. The ladder is famous among both the locals and visitors for its beautiful construction and it’ historic importance.
  • Castle in Jamestown 
Constructed by the British in 1659 the Jamestown Castle is used as the seat of government of Saint Helena. Visitors can visit this historic place only after they get prior permission from the authority.  There is a courthouse near the Castle.
  • The Castle garden
Situated behind the Castle the Castle garden houses a wide range of indigenous tropical plants including endemic species. It is also famous as the great bird watching point.
  • Heart shaped waterfall
The heart shipped waterfall is unsurprising attraction for tourists like its name it features heart shape. It is situated in Jamestown.
  • Napoleon’s Tomb
     Napoleon Bonaparte has written in his will that he wanted to be buried on the bank of river Seine    but the British governor of then Hudson Lowe insisted that he should be buried on St. Helena Island in the Valley of Willows. The tomb is one of the 7 wonders of Saint Helena
  • Longwood House
 Long Woodhouse is a mention in Saint Helena in the final resident of emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France during it exile on the island of Saint Helena from 10 December 1815 till his death on 5 May 1821. It is attraction center for many tourists. 
  • Plantation House 
Another site to visit is the plantation Garden which is governor’s main and permanent residence and it is designed only as a Grade 1 listed building in St. Helena Island. In order, historians it is something called Government House.
  • Diana’s peak national park
Diana speak is the highest 818 meters on the island of Saint Helena a British overseas territory in the South Atlantic ocean it is of volcanic origin. The mountain and its surrounding with the total area of 81 hectare, proclaimed a National Park in March 1996. It is the highest peak in Saint Helena for hiking. It is one of the major tourist attraction center in Saint Helena.
  • Sandy Bay
Sandy Bay is a Valley in the South of the island leading South East from the height of Diana’s peak range to the sea. Due to the beautiful angel of the bay it gives the bay a very calm and gentle climate. Only 5% of the islands population live in Sandy bay. It is a great place if you want to lay down and rest in Saint Helena.
Some other places to visit in Saint Helena are:- 
  1. High Knoll Fort
  2. The Lush Castle garden
  3. The arch landing to the grand parade
  4. Sunset over a house in half tree hallow
  5. Sunset on blue hills
  6. Castle gate entrance
  7. Highland landscape 
  8. The waterwich column
  9. St. James cathedral
  10. A photo depicting the island quincentenary humor
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