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Forget those old school days of filling Saint Helena visa application forms by using pen and paper you are in the world of technology where everything is possible. So you just need a strong internet connection and Android phone to fill the application form for Saint Helena. Apply Saint Helena visa application form with Touristvisaonline as we provide complex free application form which you can fill from the comfort of your home easily and quickly.

Now you don't have to waste your time just filling a simple application form by going to the embassy. You can easily feel an application form even from your home if you wish to visit Saint Helena. Well, this is an overview in which we explain that you fill an Application form from your home without going out. 

Need to know Saint Helena Visa Policy 

So let's move to the second thing that you should know before you fill the application form for Saint Helena.  

Have you researched the Saint Helena visa policy? Not yet!!! Nothing to worry if you are not aware of Saint Helena visa policy this is not at all difficult and it will take 5 to 10 minutes from your time to go through Saint Helena visa policy.

Need to know Saint Helena Visa Types

Before you decide to fill the application form you should also go through Saint Helena visa types. This will help you to choose an appropriate visa according to your choice. Once you start reading Saint Helena visa types you come to know many things related to its stay validity, fees, and validity.

Upon having prior knowledge about the Saint Helena visa types you will come to know that which visa is suitable for you according to your stay. 

How to fill Saint Helena Visa application 

It is just a matter of 5 to 10 minutes in which you can fill your Saint Helena visa application form without any hassle. But the thing that you should keep in mind is always to fill authentic details and avoid any kind of fake details. 

If you fill any wrong details by mistake you should inform this to the team of tourist visas online as soon as possible so that we can rectify the mistake made by you. But if you do not inform us about the mistake and think that this will not affect your visa then you are in a misunderstanding because this is really going to affect your visa and you won't be able to enter Saint Helena with that Visa. So it is good for you to fill the application form with all attention and do not commit any mistake.

Personal details

When you start with the process of filing an application form you find the column named as personal details in which you are required to fill each and every personal detail of yours that can help you to get a visa and identify you.

In the personal details you are required to fill:

  • Your full name- Make sure that you fill your name without committing any Arrow because this is the major thing that will help to identify you.
  • Your father's name- When it comes to your personal details you are required to fill the name of your father as well every time.
  • Your mother's name.  
  • Your complete address- In this column, you are required to fill your complete address user side permanently.
  • Your present address- The address of the place where you are currently living.
  • Your email ID - Your Email ID is important information that is required because each detail regarding your visa will be shared on your email ID so you are required to submit a valid email ID.  
  • Your phone number- When you fill your phone number make sure that you add your country code.
  • Alternate phone number- Please submit a valid alternate phone number in case your phone number is not reachable we can connect with you on your alternate phone number. 

Passport details

Passport details are the details of your passport in which year complete information is mentioned. This is important because your e-visa is linked with your passport number.

Passport number - Your passport number should be accurate and make sure you do not write it wrong because this is really going to create a problem for you.

So this was all about the details you are required to fill. While filling the saint Helena visa application. So when you are done with all the things you are almost done with the process of visa application with your application form and if you wish to proceed for the next step which you would be doing is submitting all your required documents. The complete information regarding the Sanit Helena Visa requirements is here.

Making Payment

This is the final step in visa processing. When you have filled your application form successfully you can move onto the next step and complete your payment. After you have filled your application form you will be automatically redirected to the payment page when you click the submit button. To make the payment you can use internet banking for your credit or debit card.

Track visa status

Well, you have one incomparable advantage when you apply for your visa with a tourist visa online. You can track visa status also when you apply online on Touristvisaonline. 


Saint Helena is a beautiful place to visit where you can make all your dreams of exploring nature come into reality. So if you want to visit Saint Helena then fill your Saint Helena application form today. Well, all the details regarding the application forms are clearly mentioned above. So this will make your process of filling the application form easier. 

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