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Saint Helena is an Island with beautiful Forts, Castles, Mountains, Rich History, Unique Culture, and a lot more! This Island has a rich diversity of heritage-based attractions. Indians who want to visit this country need to apply for a visa. Indians can apply for the e-Visa. Now, I know many questions are there in your mind. To get answers to all your questions read this article till the end. Today, we will talk about Saint Helena Visa For Indians in detail.


  1. Do Indians need a visa to travel to Saint Helena?
  2. What is Saint Helena e-Visa?
  3. What Type Of Visa Can Indians Apply For?
  4. How To Apply For The e-Visa Online?

Saint Helena Visa For Indians:

1)Do Indians need a visa to travel to Saint Helena?

Yes, Indians compulsorily need to apply for the visa. Citizens of India are not eligible for a Visa-Free Entry to Saint Helena. Visa on Arrival service is also not available for them. According to the  Saint Helena Visa Policy, tourists cannot enter Saint Helena without a visa unless they come from one of the Visa-Exempt Country. If you visit without a visa then you can land yourself in serious legal problems. Applying for the visa becomes a mandatory requirement for Indians. But, here comes the good part, they can apply for the e-Visa. 

2)What is Saint Helena e-Visa?

The e-Visa is a great service provided by the Government of Saint Helena. The e-Visa is an electronic visa that can be applied online. Yes, you heard it right! The e-Visa application process is completely online and you don’t need to visit the Embassy. You just need to fill the online visa application form and submit all the documents. Remember that if you submit wrong or unclear documents your application will get rejected. Before filling the form you should know all the Saint Helena Island Visa Requirements. Then after giving all the details pay the visa fee online. When you submit the form it is sent for verification. If all the details and documents you provide are correct you will receive the visa via mail.

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What Type Of Visa Can Indians Apply For?

There are different types of Visa that Indians can apply for. Now, you will ask how can I know which visa is perfect for me? You need to apply for the visa depending upon your purpose of visit to Saint Helena. For example, if you are visiting to meet your family members or for vacation then apply for the Tourist Visa. You can apply for the Business Visa if you want to visit for some Business Purpose. Now, most people apply for the Tourist Visa so, let’s talk about it in detail. Indians can apply for either Single-Entry Visa or Multiple-Entry Visa. They can apply for the 90 Days Single-Entry or Multiple-Entry Visa. The visa is valid for 180 Days. The other different types of visas are as follows:

  1. Business Visa
  2. Short Term Entry Visa
  3. Long Term Entry Visa
  4. Work Permit

How To Apply For The e-Visa Online?

Tourist Visa Online will provide you e-Visa with less paperwork and easy to fill documents. We have simplified the visa application process. Our team will guide you through all the processes. We will provide you accurate and updated visa information in simple language. Tourist Visa Online has an experienced team of visa experts who check all your documents. If you have submitted any wrong documents or have made any mistake the team will tell you about it and correct it themselves. In this way, the chances of your application getting rejected are very less. We provide 24x7 Customer Support and a 100% Secure Online Transaction. You can easily track your visa status online. If you want a visa urgently we can provide you a visa in less than 49 hours.

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1)What is the St Helena Visa Fee?

Ans:  The 90 Days Single-Entry Tourist Visa will cost you around 88.0 USD and the Multiple-Entry Visa for 174.0 USD.

2)Does the St Helena Government provide the e-Visa service to the Indians?

Ans: Yes, St Helena Government does provide the e-Visa service to the Indians. Indians can apply for the e-Visa from the comfort of their home.

3)Is Saint Helena safe for Indians to visit?

Ans: Yes, Saint Helena is very much safe for Indians to visit. Violence, Theft, Public drunkenness are very rare there. So, you can visit with your family there and you will surely make beautiful memories.

4)What is St Helena Population?

Ans: The current population for St Helena is around 6,000.

5)Is the St Helena Visa a necessary requirement for Indians?

Ans: Yes, the St Helena Visa Saint Helena Visa For Indians is a necessary requirement. As they are not eligible for the Visa-Fee Entry. Without the visa, it is impossible to visit Saint Helena. But, you don’t worry about anything as Tourist Visa Online will provide you the visa without any complications.

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